Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with "Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard", you're in the right place

  • What can I make with the Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard?

    You can use this software to create awesome, full-length sales letters, video sales letters and even Kindle / Ebook sales pages to promote your interviews.

  • What is the difference between the Word (DOCX) files, TEXT files, and the PowerPoint (PPTX) files?

    All of the sales pages (free and paid) are available in TEXT, DOCX, HTML, and PPTX format. The promotional materials are available in TEXT format for easy use.

  • Why would I use a text version of any of the documents?

    You can use the text version for a variety of purposes, but the biggest reason is because it is super easy to copy and paste from a text file into an email message or if you want to paste into a word processing document without any formatting.

  • Why would I use a PPTX version?

    You can use the PowerPoint / PPTX version to create slides you would use for a video sales letter.

  • Why would I use a DOCX version?

    You can use DOCX version for a variety of reasons, including the fact that you might just like editing in Word or Keynote more than in your text editor.

  • What if I don't have PowerPoint or Microsoft Word, can I still use the PPTX slides and DOCX files?

    You can definitely use, edit, and change the PPTX slide files in: – Google Docs(FREE) – Open Office (FREE) – Keynote and Pages (MAC) – And any other program that uses the PPTX  and DOCS file formats (pretty universal)

  • Do you include graphics or styles to go with the PowerPoint versions?

    We do not included graphics at this time because our software is about making the sales copy FOR you. You can then make them even more personalized by adding your own graphics, logos, pictures, and unique look and feel.

  • How much editing do I need to do on a file to get it ready from prime time?

    If you take your time going through the software and answering the questions thoughtfully, you should be able to do one pass on what the Wizard gives you to flesh out your sales copy… and be good to go.

  • What are the computer requirements?

    Our software will work on the following: -PCs with an operating system of Windows 7 and newer -Macs with an operating system 10.8 and newer

  • Can I install it on both my desktop and lap top without purchasing twice?

    If you want to install it on more than one computer, you need to contact us in our help desk and we’ll set it so you can install on a second computer.

  • How will we be notified of updates to the software?

    We send out emails any time we update the software… so no worries, if we update the software, you’ll know!

  • Can we insert our own images in the PPTX files?

    YES! We encourage you to use your own images.

  • Does the license ever expire?

    No! You pay once, install it and use the software as long as you like 🙂

  • Does the actual interview need to have been done before using the sales page wizard?

    The way it works is you first use the “Jim Edwards’ Expert Interview Wizard” to create your interview… then you use the “Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard” to create a full sales letter to promote it. The actual interview itself doesn’t have to be done, but you need to create the interview materials first.

  • How do you paste the HTML version into a WordPress page?

    To insert the html version into a WordPress page, you just highlight all the text on the page, copy it, and then paste into your WordPress page in visual mode (not text). You can then edit right there on the WordPress post or page.

  • Can we add our own questions in the wizard form, or only after we output it to word?

    You can add whatever questions you like in this wizard when it asks you what questions you’re asking on the interview. You can also add questions when you output into any of the file formats.