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    This quick start guide gives you a "print-and-save" file that explains:

    - Which templates you should choose for which purpose
    - The difference between the TXT, DOCX and PPTX files
    - A Quick Reference for all the 13 interview types and WHY to choose each one
    - The difference between "Book Interviews" VS "Quick Questions" VS "Fast Reports" VS "Workbook Templates"
    - An explanation of all the Promotional Copy and Email Templates
    ... and more

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Tutorials / FAQ / Support

We have developed two downloadable versions of this software. Please make sure you download the correct version for your OS. If you have trouble, please contact us here.

Online 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard - Mega Wizard

Click on the green button below to access the 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard application online. If you are using Mac Catalina or Chromebook, please use this version. You will be able to download the files and email them to yourself via the online application.

Sample files for the online version are located on the page.

Access the Online Version

3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard Personalized Checklist

Use this online wizard to help place due dates on the steps of your own personalized 3 Hour Kindle Book Method checklist!

Access the Personalized Checklist

  • This checklist is intended to guide you step by step through using the 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard
  • Check off each step as you go through using the the wizard
  • If you have to stop and come back, that's fine!
  • As long as you don't clear your cookies should be able to pick right back up where you left off

Click Here to Access the Interactive Roadmap

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    DOWNLOAD - 3 Hour Kindle Book METHOD Checklist - CLICK HERE

    This one page checklist will help you through the steps of creating your Kindle book in 3 hours.
    -Links to specific apps and services that Jim uses
    -The estimated time each step will take
    -Check boxes to check each step off as you complete it.
    -... and Much, Much More

Use these cards with your Trello account to help create a checklist you can move around, duplicate over and over, add due dates to, and more!

Don't have a Trello account? You can signup here - it's free!

If you have a Trello account, log in and click on the link below. Copy this board to one of your Trello teams and start editing away!

Access the 3 Hour Kindle Book Process Trello Board

Not sure how to copy the board? Check out this video!

Copy and Edit the 3 Hour Kindle Book Process Trello Board

Create Your Own Unique Kindle Book in 3 Hours Flat

Create Your Own Unique Kindle Book in 3 Hours Flat Q&A

34 Ways to Make Money With Your Own Book

Access the Expert Interview Wizard, Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard, & Expert Interview Secrets

Click on the green button below to access the Expert Interview Wizard, Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard, & Expert Interview Secrets!

Quickly and easily use interviews to make more sales, expand your audience, create amazing content, and become a respected expert in your niche - FAST!

Access the Wizards and Training

Watch Jim go through the process of using the "3 Hour Kindle Book Method" to create his book.

Click Here For Jim's Case Study

Jim Interviews Stew for the Book

Stew Smith's Case Study

Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40

by Stew Smith

Attention all Tactical Athletes Over 40 who want to enjoy intense workouts to increase strength, recover faster, and even avoid injuries. If you’re looking to succeed with Tactical Fitness then this brand new book by Stew Smith reveals how every Tactical Athlete Over 40 can understand how to train effectively and actively pursue recovery.

Visit Amazon to purchase Stew's book he created using Jim's 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard.

*This is not an affiliate link

View Stew's Book on Amazon