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    DOWNLOAD - Quick Start Guide - CLICK HERE

    This quick start guide gives you a "print-and-save" file that explains:

    - Which templates you should choose for which purpose
    - The difference between the TXT, DOCX and PPTX files
    - A Quick Reference for all the 11 podcast types and WHY to choose each one
    - The difference between "Full Shows" VS "Quick Questions" VS "Fast Shows" VS " Audience Handouts
    - An explanation of all the Promotional Copy and Email Templates
    ... and more

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Tutorials / FAQ / Support

We have developed two versions of this software. Please make sure you download the correct version for your OS. If you have trouble, please contact us here.

Software Download

Online Podcast Interview Wizard - Mega Wizard

Click on the green button below to access the Podcast Interview Wizard application online. If you are using Mac Catalina or Chromebook, please use this version. You will be able to download the files and email them to yourself via the online application.

Sample files for the online version are located on the page.

Access the Online Version



Webinar #1: Interview Secrets - The Big Picture

Webinar #2: Interview Secrets - The Interview

Webinar #3: Interview Secrets - How To Physical Do An Interview




  • Ringr - free records MP3 and sends to you
  • Voice Recorder

Phone Interview

Webinar/Video Interview

Webinar #4: Interview Secrets - Publishing, Packaging, and Delivering Your Interview Content

Webinar #5: Interview Secrets - Selling Your Interview Content

Webinar #6: Interview Secrets - How To Get Others To Interview You