"Email Subject Line Wizard"


  1. Fill in the blanks - click the button;
  2. Scroll down, read the subject lines;
  3. Pick one that creates MOST curiosity;
  4. Copy and paste it into your email and GO!

NOTE: This wizard was created by adapting - with *permission* - the best-selling product "Subject Line Secrets" by Mr. Jimmy D. Brown, a truly class-act guy I've known for over 10 years now. His no-nonsense teaching style, commitment to quality, and emphasis on results have stood the test of time (and will continue to do so)! Plus, he's just a damn nice guy. 🙂

Example Projects

Click links to auto-load examples

For Sale By Owners (Sell your house, save the comission)

Financial Planners (Get more clients)

Busy Moms (Lose weight fast)

Book Authors (Publish a best-seller faster)