Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with "Signature Speech" Wizard, you're in the right place

  • What can I make with the Signature Speech Wizard?

    You can use this software to create not only the script for your speech but also the supporting marketing and sales materials, including: – 4 Different versions of your Signature Speech (Core, Steps, Secrets, Mistakes) including the actual POWERPOINT SLIDES! – Audience handouts for your paid offer – Audience handout for your actual speech – Interview questions based on your speech for articles, podcasts, webinars, press, and more – Webinar / Speech promotional sales copy for your web page – Email promotional sales copy to promote your speech or webinar (to your own list or someone else’s list) – Dozens of Tweets and Social Media posts to promote your speech Basically everything you need to create and promote your speech along with the sales copy for your backend offer at the end of your speech or webinar.

  • What is the difference between the Word (DOCX) files and the PowerPoint (PPTX) files?

    The Word and TEXT files contain the text of the scripts, speeches, emails, interview questions and more. The PowerPoint files contain the actual presentation slides you can use to make your speech, modify, etc.

  • Why would I use a text version of any of the documents?

    You can use the text version for a variety of purposes, including: – Copying and pasting into your email client – Sending unformatted text to a designer for them to do your layout – Copying and pasting into web forms (Like GotoWebinar) or into some older WordPress themes that don’t like copy and paste text from Word

  • Why would I use a PPTX version?

    You can use the PowerPoint / PPTX version for a variety of purposes, including: – Making your actual speech from the stage – Presenting a webinar – Making and recording an instructional video / info-product – Send the slides off to a designer to have them create a custom theme for you

  • Why would I use a DOCX version?

    You can use DOCX version for a variety of reasons, including: – Create a rich text version you could use as written sales copy on your website – Create a rich text version to convert to PDF and offer as a “transcript” of your speech – Send a version of your speech notes to your event planner – Print off and use as the actual handouts for your speech – Send off to a graphic designer for them to create a custom look and feel for you

  • What if I don't have PowerPoint or Microsoft Word, can I still use the PPTX slides and DOCX files?

    You can definitely use, edit, and change the PPTX slide files in: – Google Docs(FREE) – Open Office (FREE) – Keynote and Pages (MAC) – And any other program that uses the PPTX  and DOCS file formats (pretty universal)

  • Can I use the scripts for a webinar, or strictly for live speaking?

    Absolutely! In fact, we have all the follow up emails you would need to promote your webinar along with website sales copy and more!

  • Do you included graphics or styles to go with the PowerPoint versions?

    We do not included graphics at this time because our software is about making the speeches and scripts FOR you. You can then make them even more personalized by adding your own graphics, logos, pictures, and unique look and feel.

  • How much editing do I need to do on a file to get it ready from prime time?

    If you take your time going through the software and answering the questions thoughtfully, you should be able to do one or two edit passes on what the Wizard gives you and be good to go. With that said, as you use the Wizard more and more, the amount of editing you’ll need to do on the end speeches, letters, and scripts should drop considerably.

  • What are the computer requirements?

    Our software will work on the following:

    -PCs with an operating system of Windows 7 and newer
    -Macs with an operating system between 10.8 and 10.14

    If you are using a MacOS operating with Catalina update, please use the online version of the wizard.