Follow the steps below to Download Software

Download "PPTX Wizard for PowerPoint"  Windows version

Simply RIGHT CLICK on the  large download link below.  Depending on your browser, choose:   ‘Save Target As…’ ‘Save Link As…’ or  ‘Download Linked File As…’.  You can then save the software on your computer.

Click Here to Download the Windows Version

Download "PPTX Wizard for PowerPoint"  Mac version
(Macs Updated to Catalina See the Online Version Below)

Click on the green button below. The file should open by itself and pop open a Finder window containing the Custom Content Wizard application. Drag the Custom Content Wizard Icon on top of the Applications folder in order to copy it there. Then open the file through your applications folder.

Click Here to Download the Mac Version

"PPTX Wizard for PowerPoint"  Online version

Click on the green button below to access the PPTX Wizard application online. If you are using Mac Catalina, please use this version. You will be able to download the files and email them to yourself.

Use the ONLINE Version of PPTX Wizard

Training & Tools

PPTX Wizard For PowerPoint Software DEMO


Killer PowerPoint in 60 Minutes or Less (Training)


Creating Video Content

Here are 2 videos to help you with using Camtasia:

  1. How To Convert Articles Into PowerPoint and Record Them
  2. Advanced Camtasia Stuff

NOTE: We will be adding to these videos periodically... so stay tuned!


PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets, and Shortcuts

  • BONUS Video Training: PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets, and Shortcuts

    On this webinar we’ll cover cool things you can do with PowerPoint to get your slides done faster, make them do incredible things, and immediately stand out from the crowd. Plus, I’ll demonstrate all of these tips, tricks and “hacks” LIVE, you’ll get to see all the cool stuff you can do and apply to your own business, and you’ll see how to instantly set ANY PowerPoint – for ANY purpose – apart from the competition! Heck, I even show you how to INSTANTLY change the complete look and feel of an entire presentation with ONE mouse click!! ppthacks

  • BONUS Video Training: PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets, and Shortcuts Q&A

    On this webinar, we’ll cover questions asked during the previous training.