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We have developed two downloadable versions of this software. Please make sure you download the correct version for your OS. If you have trouble, please contact us here.

Online Custom Content Wizard - Mega Wizard

Click on the green button below to access the Signature Speech Wizard application online. If you are using Mac Catalina or Chromebook, please use this version. You will be able to download the files and email them to yourself via the online application.

Sample files for the online version are located on the page.

Access the Online Version


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    Demo article I had outsourced on the webinar

    Here is the article I had outsources on the webinar. REMEMBER: all I did was copy and paste from the Wizard. I gave no additional instructions. I didn't even read the output (as someone who is busy might do). I would give this article at B / B- "as is" (but you be the judge). If I took 10-15 minutes to edit it, I could easily get it up to a B+ level.

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    Right Click to Download the MP4

    Right Click & Save As to Download the MP4 to your computer


Image Sites Mentioned on the Webinar: (closed to new members)


Watch as Jim walks a friend of his through using the software for her bookkeeping business... a perfect, step-by-step example of of how to use the Custom Content Wizard software to create content. A real "behind the scenes" look at using the software

SIDE NOTE: Jim wasn't originally going to share this and so only recorded it with GotoMeeting... but it turned out so well we thought we needed to share it with YOU! ** SO ignore the fact that the sound quality isn't 100% perfect.


Creating Video Content

Here are 2 videos to help you with using Camtasia:

  1. How To Convert Articles Into PowerPoint and Record Them
  2. Advanced Camtasia Stuff

NOTE: We will be adding to these videos periodically... so stay tuned!