Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with "Instant Sales Video Scripts" Wizard, you're in the right place

  • What types of products can I use the software to make video scripts for?

    You can use this software to create scripts that will work to sell any type of product or service you can imagine, including, but not limited to: – Books – Ebooks – Software – Services – Coaching – Membership sites – Physical products Basically anything that gets people a result they want or solves a problem they have. People love stories and they love video. This script wizard helps them get a great video that they’ll love, holds their attention, and helps you make a sale.

  • What is the difference between the video sales letter scripts and the story scripts?

    The video sales letter scripts are based on proven sales letter templates that work in video. I created them based on my own experience with what does and does not work with video sales letters (VSL). The sales story scripts are based on proven sales storylines that have been used successfully in direct response copy for years. I adapted them to use in video and have tested them extensively in my own niches. To know which one works best for your audience, product, and particular situation, you can easily create multiple scripts using the same set of variables. You can then do simple A/B split tests to see which ones sell the best.

  • Why would I use a text version of a script?

    You can use the text version for a variety of purposes, including: – Sending the script to voice talent to do your voice-over for you – Copy and paste into a teleprompter to read while making a talking-head video – Email it to your friends / mastermind partners to get their feedback

  • Why would I use a PPTX version of a script?

    You can use the PowerPoint / PPTX version for a variety of purposes, including: – Creating your actual video by recording it as a presentation and then using it on your sales page, blog, social media, YouTube, or anywhere else you would post a video – Use the slides as the sales close at the end of a webinar

  • Why would I use a DOCX version of a script?

    You can use DOCX version of the script to: – Create a rich text version you could use as written sales copy on your website – Create a rich text version to use any way you want

  • What if I don't have PowerPoint, can I still use the PPTX slides?

    You can definitely use, edit, and change the PPTX slide files in: – Google Slides (FREE) – Open Office (FREE) – Keynote (MAC) – And any other program that uses the PPTX file format

  • Can I use the scripts to close people for the sale at the end of a webinar?

    Absolutely! In fact, any one of our Instant Sales Video Scripts would work as a call to action or “pitch” at the end of a webinar or even a simple content video.

  • Do you included graphics or styles to go with the PowerPoint versions?

    We do not included graphics at this time because our software is more about making the script FOR your videos. There is a flood of software on the market that does a very good job of helping you MAKE the actual videos, but only Jim Edwards’ “Instant Sales Video Scripts” Wizard helps you make the actual script itself.

  • How much editing do I need to do on a script to get it ready?

    If you take your time going through the software and answering the questions thoughtfully, you should be able to do one or two edit passes on what the Wizard gives you and be good to go for recording. With that said, as you use the Wizard more and more, the amount of editing you’ll need to do on the end video sales script should drop considerably.

  • What are the computer requirements?

    Our software will work on the following:

    -PCs with an operating system of Windows 7 and newer
    -Macs with an operating system 10.8 and newer