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  • "Enterprise" License

    You may use this software to create video scripts for other people! Clients. Customers. JV Partners. Post jobs on Fiverr.com. Add to your consulting services. However you want to use the software to create videos for others as a service, bonus, or even a complete business.

    Value: $197* * This license is NON-transferable and you are NOT licensed to share the actual software with anyone else.

We have developed two versions of this software. Please make sure you download the correct version for your OS.
If you have trouble, please contact us here.

Download "Instant Sales Video Scripts"  Windows version

Simply RIGHT CLICK on the  large download link below.  Depending on your browser, choose:   ‘Save Target As…’ ‘Save Link As…’ or  ‘Download Linked File As…’.  You can then save the software on your computer.

Click Here to Download the Windows Version

Download "Instant Sales Video Scripts"  Mac version

Click on the green button below. The file should open by itself and pop open a Finder window containing the Instant Sales Video Scripts application. Drag the Instant Sales Video Scripts Icon on top of the Applications folder in order to copy it there. Then open the file through your applications folder.

Click Here to Download the Mac Version

"Instant Sales Video Scripts"  Online Version

Click on the green button below to access the Instant Sales Video Scripts application online. If you are using Mac Catalina, please use this version. You will be able to download the files and email them to yourself.

Click Here to Access the Online Version

Download "Instant Sales Video Scripts"  Sample Files

Simply RIGHT CLICK on the  large download link below.  Depending on your browser, choose:   ‘Save Target As…’ ‘Save Link As…’ or  ‘Download Linked File As…’.  You can then save and extract the files on your computer.

Click Here to Download the Sample Files


  • BONUS Video Lesson: How to Professionally Storyboard your scripts in 10 minutes or less

    In this lesson I’m going to explain how you actually storyboard a video to go with your video script. I’ll show you how to go from words to pictures very quickly, even if you don’t consider yourself a “visual” person. This is a critical lesson no matter what software you use to turn your “Instant Sales Video Script” into a video.


  • BONUS Video Lesson: Using 'Instant Sales Video Scripts' with Powerpoint and Camtasia to create videos

    I’ll show you quickly how to create videos with PowerPoint and Camtasia to output for YouTube, your own website and more. This is my preferred way to create videos super-fast, especially when using the “Instant Sales Video Scripts” Wizard output. 

    LINKS To Find Graphics: (Use At Own Risk)

PART 1 – Setting Up In PowerPoint

PART 2 – Record In Camtasia


  • BONUS Video Lesson: Using 'Instant Sales Video Scripts' with PowToon

    In this lesson I’m going to show you step by step how to use PowToon to create your video using the scripts you create using “Instant Sales Video Scripts.” I’ll demo the process and show you a final video I used to make a One-time-offer on a sale I did that skyrocketed my profits.

Demo Video I Made In PowToon

My Steps for Using PowToon

#1 - Record your script ahead of time as audio before you ever open PowToon
#2 - Choose your theme / character set
#3 - Upload the script as an MP3 to Powtoon
#4 - Set the slides to match up with the script BEFORE doing anything else
#5 - Then set up each scene
#6 - Double check your timing
#7 - Then export the movie


  • BONUS Video Lesson: Using 'Instant Sales Video Scripts' with Easy Sketch Pro

    I’ll show you step by step how to use the video scripts you create with “Instant Sales Video Scripts” with Easy Sketch Pro. Use the proven scripts you make with our wizard to create eye-popping “whiteboard” videos with their software.

Demo Video I Made In Easy Sketch Pro

My Steps for Using Easy Sketch Pro

STEP 1 - FILE >> Scene
This allows you to change the size of the canvas

STEP 2 - Import your voiceover via the MUSIC button
- Record ahead of time in your program like Audacity or Sony Sound Forge

STEP 3 - Put your image/ text on there, and then RIGHT click and choose "FIX Camera"
Make sure it's on the white canvas
To bring in your own image, RIGHT click and choose Import Image
If don't like, RIGHT click and delete

STEP 4 - T for timeline
This is where you make the images draw longer and shorter with the drawing time
This is where you will get the timing down for each point in the video
Can use play from here to help you fine tune without having to watch the entire video

STEP 5 - To add a new canvas to continue the video
SINGLE click any image and it will select all of them
You can drag them all off the side of the white area
Then you add your new image
Then you right click FIX camera
Then RIGHT CLICK and "Request Focus"

STEP 6 - You can change how it draws the image a bunch of different ways
RIGHT click "Properties"
Can add some drag in images stuff as well as change how the image appears

STEP 7 - Export
Save it first
Then export it as an mp4
It will automatically add the file extension

Adding Your Own Images To Library
CLick the image button
Click "Add to Library"
Create Own Library file FOLDER
MUST have a PNG and SVG of the same image with SAME NAME
PNG becomes the the thumbnail, and the SVG is what gets drawn
Once you've added your folder, you need to hit the REFRESH button so it appears


  • BONUS Webinar: Special Q&A Webinar Session

    Here is the replay of a special LIVE Q&A webinar session where viewers could ask me anything they wanted about using “Instant Sales Video Scripts” and making sales videos that sell like crazy. See the list of questions I answered (in order) below the video.

Here is the list of questions I answered on the Webinar:

  • LOVE the software, but how much editing should I expect to have to do on the scripts? Sometimes they don’t make sense.
  • How do I know which script to choose?
  • Where can I post the videos I make with the ISVS scripts?
  • Will these work with "talking head" videos?
  • Will you be adding more scripts to the ISVS software?
  • Any tips on recording our scripts as MP3 before uploading?
  • Any thoughts on using a teleprompter?
  • Should I read the entire script off each slide or should I have no words on the slide and only pictures?
  • As I understand - we can promote our books on amazon with video Do you have any insights/thoughts on how to use video to promote/sell your books on amazon.
  • I've heard Facebook seems to be cracking down on redirects to VSL's. Is that the case and if so what would be the best tactic to get around it?
  • Do you find starting a script with a premise and then doing a break in the story line to tell something negative and then using the product or service to resolve the negative break in the story is a good strategy?
  • Are non-personal stories as good as personal ones for scripts?
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Should I read the entire script off each slide or should I have no words on the slide and only pictures?
  • where do we find the user id and password we need to access the software?
  • How do you open the .isvs-sample-files?
  • Do you find it makes any difference if you use "you" vs third person "her?"
  • cant load software on IPad?
  • Will you be coming out with a web-based version of the software?
  • Should I use music with my videos? TEST
  • Does the length of the video matter? Are there situations where I should choose a shorter script over a longer one to get better results?
  • I LOVE your software and my biggest problem now is trying to decide on which script to choose, since I like nearly all of them! Really! Do you think it's wise if I combined elements from several of them to create my own version, or should I stick closely with just one and get it done more quickly?
  • Do you have any recommendations for an easy way to do A/B split testing of videos, so I can see which kind of script my audience responds best to?

*Deluxe* Version DEMO (Incl. 30-45 Sec. Scripts)

  • Demo of the DELUXE Version incl. 30-45 Sec. Scripts and Keyword Scripts

    In this video I’m going to demonstrate the 30-45 Sec. Scripts and the KW Scripts that are ONLY included with the Deluxe Version of the “Instant Sales Video Scripts” Wizard Software.


Creating Video Content

Here are 2 videos to help you with using Camtasia:

  1. How To Convert Articles Into PowerPoint and Record Them
  2. Advanced Camtasia Stuff

NOTE: We will be adding to these videos periodically... so stay tuned!


Fast-Action Bonus: PowerPoint Training

  • BONUS Video Training: PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets, and Shortcuts

    On this webinar we’ll cover cool things you can do with PowerPoint to get your slides done faster, make them do incredible things, and immediately stand out from the crowd. Plus, I’ll demonstrate all of these tips, tricks and “hacks” LIVE, you’ll get to see all the cool stuff you can do and apply to your own business, and you’ll see how to instantly set ANY PowerPoint – for ANY purpose – apart from the competition! Heck, I even show you how to INSTANTLY change the complete look and feel of an entire presentation with ONE mouse click!!

  • BONUS Video Training: PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets, and Shortcuts Q&A

    On this webinar, we’ll cover questions asked during the previous training.



  • BONUS Video Training: How To Create a Killer PowerPoint Presentation... in 60-Minutes or Less!

    How I use PowerPoint to create killer presentation, including:
    -Which Fonts I use and why…
    Creating killer backgrounds…
    -How to save hours of time with templates…
    The THREE (3) ways to use pictures and images to spice up your presentations…
    -How to create simple charts…
    The “flow” every presentation should use to impress your audience most…
    -How to use animation for maximum effect (and when NOT to use animation for even more dramatic effect on your audiences)… –Creating a slide “master” set in 10 minutes to reduce preparation time by 90%… -Using “smart art” and images for a professional look…
    … and Much, MUCH More!

Fast-Action Bonus: PowerPoint Themes

Download "Jim's PowerPoint Theme"  Files

Simply RIGHT CLICK on the  large download link below.  Depending on your browser, choose:   ‘Save Target As…’ ‘Save Link As…’ or  ‘Download Linked File As…’.  You can then save the zip file on your computer.

Click Here to Download the Template Files

WATCH the video below for instructions on how to use the Themes

Special Q&A Webinar Replay