The One Thing That Always Sets You Apart

When many people think about being the author of their own book, they think of royalty payments rolling in every month… month after month. They think of living the “laptop lifestyle” with your feet kicked up and an umbrella drink in your hand.
That’s mostly a lie.
I’m 110% honest with you… the people promising that lifestyle are out there…

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Weekly Update – September 28, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets All Growth Comes From… “I don’t want to do this.” This is my first thought when I face something challenging.  Although it’s an honest response, it’s not a response that rewards growth! What Area Are You Resisting?  Growth comes from doing the things you don’t want to do… From doing what you…

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There’s Plenty Of Time For Everything BUT THIS!

There is plenty of time to do anything you need to do, EXCEPT… this!

Here’s the thing.

I have many deadlines right now.

Truth be told, I was a little freaked out last night about all of it.

• I’m creating new scripts;
• I’m teaching copywriting;
• I’m editing a new book;
• I’m working with partners;
• I’ve got my business to run;
• I’m going to FHL next week;

I admit I felt a little overwhelmed right before I went to sleep!

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Weekly Update – September 21, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets 3 Tips To Becoming The #1 Expert In Your Niche If I had to start all over again in my niche, there are a number of things I would do differently to get further along the trail a lot faster. If you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert, I hope these…

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Make MORE Sales From NEW Leads – FAST!

How soon should you start selling to new leads when they get on your list? The short answer is immediately.

But just because you make an offer doesn’t mean the game is over. The real objective here (besides making sales) is to build a relationship.

Think about it. Who do you buy from?

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Weekly Update – September 14, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Relationship Mistakes That Keep You POOR! In the end, the only thing you own is the relationship you have with the people on your list. Everything else can be cloned, ripped off, hacked, and otherwise duplicated. Someone can always offer a similar product cheaper, faster, easier, and better. Someone can rip off…

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How To Really Increase Your Sales

What most “gurus” tell you to do to make a lot more sales FAST is just plain wrong (if you want FAST results).
If you ask them, “How can I make a lot more sales?? They’ll tell you the following:

1. Increase website traffic

2. Improve website conversion rate

3. Increase average order value

4. Offer free shipping

5. Offer discounts and coupons…

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Weekly Update – September 7, 2022

A Note From Jim More Leads Than You Can Shake A Stick At! Everybody thinks lead generation is really hard. It’s not. You can EASILY get the people in your target audience (your avatar) to give you their name, their email, their phone number, their home address, and any other information that you want. They’ll…

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Things Won’t Change Themselves

I have some interesting thoughts every morning when I run. Funny thoughts. Strange thoughts. Interesting thoughts. But I definitely get bombarded with them every time I run (and since my trainer has me on a 6 month running ramp up, I’m running a LOT). I had a thought yesterday that kept running around in my…

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Weekly Update – August 31, 2022

All of us need more content to use in our marketing. The problem is, most people’s content sucks! Why? Because they make the process difficult on themselves AND they don’t create content their customers and potential customers want to read.

Creating content is easy. Creating GREAT content is also easy – IF you know the strategy.

Want to know the strategy?

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