Bad Monday? Do This!

I’ve been doing Facebook Lives for quite some time now. And there is one MAJOR thing I’ve noticed! I’ve noticed that if I get off to a fast start on Monday, typically, the week tends to go really well. However, if I don’t get off to a fast start on Monday, then it seems like…

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Weekly Update – September 15, 2021

A Note From Jim “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. “ – Walt Disney This quote is by Walt Disney from one of his many talks. In case you didn’t know, Walt Disney created a culturally defining empire through creativity and entertainment. Mickey Mouse was born from Walt’s imagination.…

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Special Guest Angie Glitner Success Story 7 Day eBook – SCCMH [Podcast 126]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss how to save time, reuse content AND STAY RELEVANT by getting smarter with content marketing and using old content (that is still relevant), sharing new content on multiple channels, and taking written content and making it audio / video OR vice versa. How many ways do YOU share content…

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The 7 Day Ebook Challenge – SCCMH [Podcast 125]

The 7 Day EBOOK Challenge Podcast: For those who did the 7 day EBOOK Challenge this Podcast topic will feature your covers on the LIVE and video podcast this show. Check out real feedback from Jim as he tweaks a few book cover, titles, sub-titles, and pictures to help make a compelling hook, title, sub-title.…

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Jim’s Gem: Control Self Talk [video]

What is self talk? It’s the stuff you say to yourself habitually all the time. And we all talk to ourselves. And if you say to yourself, “I don’t talk to myself.” Well, then yeah, you do, because you just talked to yourself and said you didn’t. We all talk to ourselves sometimes out loud.…

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Jim’s Gem: Faith [video]

When a lot of people think of faith, they think of prayer and faith in God. But when other people think of faith, they think of just blind trust. When I think of faith, when it comes to my business is an absence of doubt. Or really banishing doubt that the things that I want…

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Jim’s Gem: Get Back On The Horse [video]

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that life is a game of momentum. When you have momentum, it’s easy to keep momentum. But when you lose momentum, sometimes it’s hard to get it back. This applies to business, this applies to stay in shape. When you’re exercising every day, it’s…

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The Well Of Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated by creativity.

Why does creativity seem to come so easily to some, while others struggle constantly?

I believe individual creativity helps us stand out in our market, no matter:

  • What we do;
  • Who we help;
  • What we’re selling.

Creativity is the magic key to help you do well!

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Weekly Update – September 8, 2021

A Note From Jim How To Reach Your Dreams Without Letting Setbacks Or Disappointment Derail You On The Road To Success “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill This quote / excerpt is by Sir Winston Churchill from one of his many speeches. In case you didn’t know…

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The Most Dangerous Thing To Do With Traffic is…

The Most Dangerous Thing To Do With Traffic is…

What’s the most dangerous thing you can do with traffic?

It’s common sense, really.

There’s even an old saying about it…

The most dangerous thing you can do with traffic is putting all your traffic eggs in one basket.

What do I mean by that?…

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