The Future Of AI Content Generation

The future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) content generation is filled with potential, but also fraught with uncertainty.
There are a number of factors that suggest AI will play an increasingly prominent, if not important, role in content generation in the years to come.
One of the most important factors driving the future of AI content generation is the increasing availability of data. As more and more data is generated by individuals and organizations, AI systems will have more…

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How To Use “Choose Your Price Pricing” on Products and Services – SCCMH [Podcast 167]

Jim Edwards ( and Stew Smith discuss a pricing model where customers are allowed to “choose their own pricing” from three options. What are the different ways to price your product? (Fixed, Hourly, Cost-plus, Value-based, etc)…

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Weekly Update – August 24, 2022

A Note From Jim Great Content Marketing Begins and Ends With This A lot of folks think content marketing is hard and it’s impossible to rise above all the online noise and competition. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why I say that… People hold this belief because they have tried “content…

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How Sales Copy Writing and Content Marketing Scripts and Wizards Work? – SCCMH [Podcast 166]

JJim and Stew discuss using one of many wizards that make content marketing 10x easier. Join us as we share stories of our favorite wizards / scripts we use regularly to make all kinds of content (articles, memes, social media posts, webinars, sales letters, etc). We talk about wizards often – let’s share some stories and testimonials about how our audience has used them in the past…

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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Lead Magnets

Quality, not quantity, make a great lead magnet.

If you want to build a huge, rabid, responsive list, keep your lead magnet focused on a SINGLE “Big Idea, Solution, or Payoff” your target audience REALLY wants.

Focus on a single, HUGE promise that’s important to your target audience.

If you structure your lead magnet wrong, it’ll blow up in your face and cost you a lot of time, money, and credibility.

So, if you want to know how to get a LOT more leads…

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Weekly Update – August 17, 2022

A Note From Jim How Strong Customer Relationships Saved My Business… And Quite Possibly My Family October 25, 2007, I got the call no parent wants to receive. My son-in-law had been hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq and was in a coma after almost bleeding to death on the side of a highway…

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How To Eat Your Elephant

You’ve heard the old saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

It’s a trite phrase, but it does create an interesting visual for taking on a seemingly HUGE task.

Unfortunately, when you start cutting at that elephant’s snout with your steak knife, you have very little chance of making it all the way to his tail (especially if he’s objecting to you hacking away at his snout with that steak knife!)

I think one of the biggest reasons people don’t finish BIG tasks (elephants) is…

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Weekly Update – August 10, 2022

A Note From Jim The Only Trick You’ll Ever Need for Fast Relevant Content All of us need more content to use in our marketing. The problem is, most people’s content sucks! Why? Because they make the process difficult on themselves AND they don’t create content their customers and potential customers want to read. Creating…

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The Power Of A Great Idea To Stand The Test Of Time (or – How You Can Cash In For Years!)

If you want to create a product that stands the test of time, it must appeal to a fundamental need that simply won’t go away.

A lot of different ideas come and go. I remember 20 years ago, there was a thing called “Blog and ping.” It was a hack / exploit to actually get pages indexed in Google by creating a fake blog, and then using a piece of software to ping Google about a new page on your blog. It was way to get low value pages into Google as an attempt to exploit their algorithms.
This was back when people were…

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Weekly Update – August 03, 2022

A Note From Jim 5 Ways To Keep Your Product, Service, Or Software Truly Evergreen (And Keep Those Sales Pumping) Probably the biggest mistake people make is thinking that once their product, service, coaching, or software is done, they’ll never have to touch it again. It’ll just keep selling forever as long as they drive…

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