Goals and Outcomes – SCCMH [Podcast 52]

“Goals and Outcomes – SCCMH Podcast 52”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the year 2020 goals and outcomes. What is the differences between your goals or your outcomes. Check out this podcast and see how Jim makes definitions of these classic actions. Treat GOALS like a verb. They are ACTIONS. The outcome is the result of your actions / goals.

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You Won’t Reach A Single Goal This Year If You Don’t Do This…

If you want to reach your goals this year, pay close attention.  What I’m about to share has made a huge difference in my life and gotten me out of the ghetto of my own mind so I could start living my dreams.  If you set goals like everybody else, you are NOT going to…

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You won’t reach a single goal this year if you don’t do this… [video]

If you set goals like everybody else, you’re not going to reach a single one of them this year. What am I talking about? Here’s the thing that you need to understand… Goals are not outcomes! To get more great tips check out my blog: http://thejimedwardsmethod.com/ Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter •…

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