Wizard Differences

Easy Sales Copy Wizard

box-webEasy Sales Copy Wizard is about creating sales copy for anything and all the related materials, including: sales letters, video sales letters, email teasers, social media ads, blog posts, headlines, JV toolbox for affiliates, and more!

Expert Interview Wizard

Expert Interview Wizard is about creating interview content. It does some sales copy, including sales copy to sell only the specific interview content you create with that wizard… as opposed to Easy Sales Copy Wizard which is for creating the sales material you need so sell basically anything.

Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard is a sales page wizard software to write sales copy to sell interview content specifically, not to sell anything else. It’s only to sell your interview content.

Bonus with Expert Interview Wizard

3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard

3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard is about creating a Kindle book in three hours. It's not about writing sales copy for your coaching or your e-commerce products or your website.

Easy Sales Copy Wizard vs PPTX Wizard

The PPTX Wizard, that’s a simple one. This wizard is for making PowerPoint presentations for webinars, courses, info-videos and more.

Podcast Interview Wizard

Podcast Interview Wizard is for creating interview content for podcasts, and then promoting those podcasts to build your audience and exposure on iTunes.

Custom Content Wizard

Custom Contet Wizard is all about creating content for your blog, for videos, for content marketing, for articles, etc. It has nothing to do with writing sales copy at all.

Signature Speech Wizard

Signature Speech Wizard is all about creating presentations to deliver from the stage or from a webinar. It does create a flyer and it creates a couple of other promotional materials and emails, but those are specifically to use to promote that specific speech.

Desktop Ad Wizard

Desktop Ad Wizard exclusively writes ads to get people to click over to your site. That’s what it does.

Instant Sales Video Scripts

Instant Sales Video Scripts writes a video sales letter for you, along with a couple dozen other video scripts that are based around stories.  It does a very specific thing in that it writes video sales scripts.

Easy Sales Copy Wizard vs Easy Online Wizards


Easy Online Wizards is a suite of 24+ online wizards you use through your browser. The do very specific tasks quickly to create contents, sales letters, scripts, stories, articles and more.

Perfect Webinar Wizard & Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard. are a joint venture with Russell Brunson.

Perfect Webinar Wizard is all about creating a webinar presentation, all the closes, and the sales copy to promote a specific webinar.

Funnel Scripts is a bunch of individual scripts that each do very specific things, much like Easy Online Wizards.