Member’s Update – November 7, 2020

Take Time To Refresh

You can’t breathe in if you don’t breathe out.

You can’t receive if you aren’t willing to give.

You can’t work hard if you don’t relax.

The holidays are approaching….

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Member’s Update – October 30, 2020

Excuses Are Like _______

I think I’m mellowing in my old age. After all, I’ll be 53 next month 😉

I used to be VERY black and white in my approach to life. Things were supposed to be a certain way and that was IT!

Line in the sand…

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Does It Really Matter Anyway?

As adults, we find it very easy to keep busy. In fact, call up 10 friends and ask, “How’s it going? How have you been?” At least 1/2 will say something like: “Fine. Just busy.” “Busy as always.” “Going a million miles an hour.” … or some derivation on the theme. By the way, as…

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