Member’s Update – October 22, 2021

Order Bumps Can Make You Rich

An order bump is an offer you make at the point of purchase on your website.

It’s the same as offering candy and magazines at the checkout in the grocery store.

You think you’re done, but the Food Lion says “No way! Here’s some other stuff you might like!”

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Member’s Update – October 15, 2021

Q: “How do I find time to work on my online business when I’m swamped with my ‘day job’ and my family?”

A: Let me start by saying I understand 110% about trying to get started with a mountain of time commitments facing you.

I used to get up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning and make websites from 4:15 until 7:00 when I had to go get ready to head to my day job.

I used to stay up until 2:00 a.m. working on things too.

But that’s a tough road and it’s hard to find the energy.

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a strategy I now call “The Two Golden Hours” that changed everything!

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Member’s Update – October 8, 2021

Why Test?

My buddy Stew Smith (who is also my fitness coach) has me take a fitness test about every 3 months.

2 minutes of pushups
2 minutes of situps
Max pullups
1.5 mile run

Why do I test? It’s not like I’m going into the military or anything.

We test because we want to measure ourselves against how we’ve done in the past… to better our best and constantly improve.

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Member’s Update – October 1, 2021

The 3 types of people… which are you?

You’ve probably heard me talk about the “3 hats” in the past when it comes to life, info-products, and your business in general.

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Member’s Update – September 24, 2021

What You Say To This Person Matters Most…

What you say to yourself matters the most of anyone you know. Why? Because it dictates everything else that happens in your life.

It’s all about self-talk. What is self-talk? It’s the stuff you say to yourself habitually all the time, often without thinking about it.

We all talk to ourselves. And if you say to yourself, “I don’t talk to myself,” well, then yeah, you do… because you just talked to yourself and said you didn’t. 😊

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How do you overcome writer’s block?

This question has troubled humanity since the first caveman (and cavewoman) decided to draw pictures and create cave art to communicate. But I have some useful and proven ways to overcome writer’s block. Here they are: Try to answer this question: ‘Why do I have writer’s block?’ I know it might sound counterintuitive, but it…

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Jim’s Gem: Who [video]

Today’s word is who. Now some people hear the word who and they think of an owl, who who. I think of the word who and I think in terms of who are you called to serve. Specifically, we’ve been talking a lot about the avatar lately. And one of the questions that comes up…

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Member’s Update – September 17, 2021

3 Great Hook Scripts To Drive More Sales This Holiday Season
– By Jim Edwards

What the heck!?! The year is almost over, and the holidays are right around the corner. Your ability to hook ’em with your headlines spells the difference between lackluster sales and a record-setting year.

As you know, any copywriter worth their salt has a swipe file a mile high (digitally and physically) with examples of great copy, headlines, stories, and more. But have you ever thought about the difference between a swipe file and a script? Intrinsically, we understand that the purpose of a swipe file is to see the patterns, the blueprints, the scripts underlying the copy.

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Bad Monday? Do This!

I’ve been doing Facebook Lives for quite some time now. And there is one MAJOR thing I’ve noticed! I’ve noticed that if I get off to a fast start on Monday, typically, the week tends to go really well. However, if I don’t get off to a fast start on Monday, then it seems like…

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Special Guest Angie Glitner Success Story 7 Day eBook – SCCMH [Podcast 126]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss how to save time, reuse content AND STAY RELEVANT by getting smarter with content marketing and using old content (that is still relevant), sharing new content on multiple channels, and taking written content and making it audio / video OR vice versa. How many ways do YOU share content…

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