Jim and Stew Discuss the F Word (Reframing Fear) – SCCMH [Podcast 94]

“Jim and Stew Discuss the F Word (Reframing Fear) – SCCMH [Podcast 94]”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith have a discussion about the F Word. Reframing fear and moving forward vs. freezing, too scared or intimidated. Fear and failure are good – they both are learning experiences if you don’t let them get you down and stop you in your tracks. Check out this discussion and you may find a unique way to change your direction or get you moving again when fear or nervousness stops you in your tracks.

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Weekly Update – October 28, 2020

A Note From Jim Five Secrets To Run Ads That Get Lots Of Clicks From The Right People You can have a much higher chance of running a successful ad if you follow these steps. Instead of just popping off with any old ad, put on your thinking cap for a few minutes and really…

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Is the “F word” stopping you? [video]

Everybody’s always so worried about the F word. If you say the F word on TV, you’re gonna get banned. If you say the F word on social media, you’re going to offend someone. What is the F word? Well, today the F word is FEAR. Fear can be a very tricky word that holds…

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