Member’s Update – February 19, 2021

I Wish Someone Had Told Me…

A few years ago… pre-Covid… I attended a conference about buying non-performing real estate notes.

To most people it would be boring, but for me it was pretty exciting (based on my real estate and mortgage background).

I sat next to a young man named Terry, who was 24 years old at that time. He owns a duplex and another investment property. He has no debt. He has 20K in the bank.

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Member’s Update – February 12, 2021

This is how they do it in HELL…

In a particularly memorable portrayal of Hell, an author told a story about a guy who was forced to work as a waiter. In order to get out of Hell the man had to make $100 in tips in a single night.

Every night he would make $99 and then bitch, moan, and grumble about his fate the rest of the night. The next day, he was forced to start all over again from zero.

The man suffered…

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Member’s Update – February 5, 2021

Own Your Audience

I did a bit of a mini-rant just before last week’s members-only webinar we did on Handout Secrets.

You can watch it if you missed it (see below in the next section)


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Member’s Update – January 29, 2021

It’s All About the Promise

People’s attention spans are shrinking.

The “feed” mentality is the norm now… online, people pay attention to what’s right in front of them and jettison everything else that comes before or after the current item in their feed.

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