The #1 Mistake People Make With Sales Copy That Costs Them Big Money

The #1 mistake people make with sales copy that costs them big money is thinking that once your sales message is working your job is done. If you fall into this trap you’re leaving 90% of the money you could be making on the table and you don’t even know it.

Creating a great sales message happens in 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Get a sales message that works

Phase 2 – Test that sales message to improve it

Phase 3 – Keep that sales message working over time

In very rare cases (as in “odds of winning the lottery” rare) you’ll come up with the perfect sales message on the first try. I’ve only ever done that one time with a headline I’ve never been able to beat.

The mistake comes in when you have a sales message that works and makes sales. People are scared to “break it” by making any changes so they just run with the message that works and accept the results they get. Having a sales message that works is only the first phase of a three phase process.

After you have a sales message that works your job is to test various parts of that message to increase response rates and conversion. That’s where the big money is made in the short term. If you can increase your conversion even slightly, the effect on your profitability can be astronomical.

Finally, once you’ve tweaked your sales message, your job is to monitor the effectiveness of it over time. Things change. Conditions change. Don’t think that just because your ad works today that it’ll keep working next month.

From my experience, 90% of the money is made in Phases 2 and 3. Yet, hardly anyone ever makes it to those phases. The biggest mistake people make with sales copy is accepting their first result as the best result… don’t be like those people. Create it, tweak it, maintain it if you want to squeeze every last drop of profit out of any sales copy you create!

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