3 Ad Mistakes You Must Avoid Like The Plague

If you want to run ads that make a profit, then pay very close attention to these 3 mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Mistake #1: Not Testing More Than One Ad At A Time

The core idea with this is most people just run one ad at a time to “see what happens”.

This is important to you because it means if you make this mistake it will take FOREVER to figure out which ad(s) will work with which audience(s) and traffic source(s).

This spells the difference between success and failure because if you make this mistake, you’ll never make any money and you’ll ultimately give up in disgust an have to go find a real job.

Now the thing for you to do here is run a bunch of different ads at the same time, tracking the results of each one independently so you can identify which ads work and which ones don’t.

The easiest way to do this is to use “UTM Codes” – which allow you to track conversion rates and results from different ads, campaigns, and traffic sources very easily.

Mistake #2: Running The Same Ad To Different Target Audiences At The Same Time

Here’s what funnel hackers need to understand about this mistake: if you run the same ad to different audiences at the same time, you won’t know which audience is working better (or working at all).

Everyone needs to know how to avoid this mistake because you could sideline a great ad that’s just targeted to the wrong eyeballs, or pay more to run an ad that looks like it’s working, but you’re also losing money showing it to the wrong people (along with the right people).

Avoiding this mistake is critical to your success because you’ll waste a ton of money showing your ad to the wrong people or you’ll waste a ton of time replacing ads that might have worked if you targeted properly.

You should figure out all the different target audiences you want to test and run the exact same ad copy to all of them, but create a different ad for each audience.

For example, let’s say you’re advertising on Facebook and you want to test an ad to a lookalike audience AND a list of subscribers you imported from your newsletter.

You should run the identical ad copy to each of those groups, but create an ad that targets each of those audiences independently (with different tracking codes of course) to see how each group responds.

Once you see the results, you can then tweak the ad copy in each ad for each group.

Mistake #3: Not Testing Different Ads To The Same Audiences At The Same Time

The core idea for you with this is that most people only run one ad at a time to the same audience.

An undeniable fact about this mistake is it will take a VERY long time to find the ad(s) that will work the best for each audience or traffic source.

Steering clear of this mistake is critical for every funnel hacker’s success with finding the ads that work because you’ll leave a ton of profits on the table if you don’t.

Unless the audience is super small, the thing is to run multiple ads to the same audience or traffic source concurrently.

Let’s say you buy a display ad from a website that targets your audience. You should test at least 2 or 3 ads at the same time (assuming they can provide a lot of traffic) instead of just running one ad to “see what happens”, waiting, and then running another ad to “see what happens.”

The key here is speed! You want to find the ads that work the best so you can run those more heavily… and you want to identify the ads that don’t work so you can stop running them FAST!

So there you have it! The 3 mistakes to avoid so you can wave bye-bye to all the your competitors and run ads that make a profit!

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