3 Keys To Outsourcing Effectively

How To Hire Other People To Do That Stuff You Don’t Want To (Or Can’t) Do Yourself!

You’ve heard a lot about outsourcing I’m sure. For some it’s the ultimate shortcut to online success. (Heck, one guy wrote a book called the “4 Hour Workweek” that claims to show you the secret to outsourcing most of your life!) When you mention outsourcing to others, they roll their eyes and say something about “More trouble than it’s worth” or “It’s just easier to do it myself!”

The interesting thing is that both groups are correct! Outsourcing can be the greatest thing you’ve ever done… or it can be the biggest pain in the ass you’ve ever experienced.

With over 20 years of outsourcing “everything” including sales copy, web design, graphic design, voice over talent, webinars, and more than I can even remember, the following tips will help you massively… whether you’ve never outsourced a thing, tried to outsource before and failed, or you outsource every single day.


Key #1 – Start Small

I once saw someone post a project that literally said “I need someone to design a payment system like PayPal.” Their budget was $200. I doubt their project got done.

Always start small when outsourcing, especially when testing a new service or person. Do one graphic, not 20. Do one article, not an entire ebook. Do one voice over job for a quick 2 minute video, not a two hour session.


Key #2 – Be Very Clear

Take this quote to heart. “The more they have to think, the more you have to pay, and the longer you have to wait!”

Who said that? Me 🙂

When you hire someone to do something, provide extremely clear instructions about the RESULT you want them to product for you. How long should it be? What colors? What font? What pictures? What music? What deadline?

Your job is to tell them what you want. Their job is to do it.

The clearer you are about the end result you want, the less you’ll pay because they can give you what you want faster (and you won’t pay for revisions).


Key #3 – “Audition” People For Bigger Projects

If you want to outsource a big project like a sales letter or an ebook, pay 5 different people to write you an email (sales copy) or an article (content) as an audition. Then pick the best one. Simple. This helps you spot the people who CAN deliver and the ones who can’t… and saves you a lot of heartache if you accidentally hire the wrong person.

The bottom line with outsourcing is this: outsourcing is not magic, but it can feel like magic if you do it right! If you’re not going to do something yourself, you just have to manage the process so you get what you want. If you keep it simple to start, get very clear in your instructions, and audition people for the bigger stuff, you’ll go a LONG way toward using outsourcing as the wonderful tool it is to build your business.

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