3 Life-Changing Truths About Building YOUR Business With Interviews


The elephant in the room for most people when you talk about doing interviews comes down to an issue with “Who am I to have anyone do an interview with me?”

It stops the majority of people dead in their tracks!

They think nobody will give them the time of day, let alone do an interview with them, because they don’t have:

  • Expertise
  • A huge list of subscribers
  • Education
  • A “name” in the niche
  • An audience
  • A Website

Well, back when I was getting started, I was in the same position as you and felt the exact same way!

In fact, my position may have been even worse (25 years old, living in a trailer, deep in debt, bankrupt, heart condition).

Then I found out some pretty amazing truths, especially about interviewing people I thought wouldn’t give me the time of day, let alone talk to me!

Let me share them with you right now so you can start getting amazing results too!

TRUTH #1: You Beat 90% Of The So-Called Competition When You…

  • Portray a professional image – look like you know what you’re doing and act like a pro.
  • Provide value – make it worth the person’s while to do an interview with you!
  • Help people get more of what they want – tie what they want to what you want and make it a win-win for everyone.
  • Make it EASY for people to work with you – take out all the work from doing an interview with you so all they have to do is just show up!
  • Stroke their ego a little bit – make them feel good and important for doing the interview.
  • Help them create great content – everybody wants to create value for their audience. Help them do it in a big way!

TRUTH #2: The Fear Is All In Your Mind!

No matter how new you are, the majority of people will never ask you “How big is your list?” or “Are you REALLY an expert in this topic?”

Why won’t they ask you those things? Because it’s RUDE and, frankly, most won’t even think to ask!

If you’re interviewing an Expert, what they want to know is “Will doing this interview help me get more of what I want?”

And you tell them the TRUTH about how you plan to promote the interview.

“We’ll promote the interview with you on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ll do paid ads, promote on our blog, promote to our subscribers in our newsletter, promote in our autoresponders as part of our ongoing promotion (plus any other way you plan to promote it).”

You also tell them that “As a result, you (expert) will be able to…”

  • Promote your book
  • Sell your product
  • Create a new product
  • Get some great publicity
  • Expand your audience
  • Share your important message
  • Help people with your unique knowledge and expertise
  • (plus whatever else they want to do)

If you’re trying to get someone else to interview YOU as the expert, what they want to know is “Can you deliver REAL value to my audience (and help me make money)?”

And you tell them honestly what you’ve done:

  • I’ve written this ebook / book
  • I’ve published this / these articles
  • I’ve helped _____ get _____ results

By the way, the #1 criteria for being considered an expert by anyone is to have written a book!

Bottom line when it comes to this fear: people reflect back what you put out! So be confident, be professional, and most importantly, be the person who is there to help them get more of what they want!

Once word gets out that you do great interviews (either as a guest and / or host) people will seek you out to work with you.

TRUTH #3: It’s Just A Numbers Game

My guilty pleasure in life is a show called “Gold Rush.” My favorite character on the show is a man name Tony Beets, nicknamed “The Viking.”

His dialogue gets beeped from cussing so much he sounds like a police siren! But he said something on a recent episode when dealing with uncooperative people that will stay with me for the rest of my life

“There are 6 Billion People in the world, I only need to find 1 for this job!”

Even if you contacted a couple of people a day each week and only 1 said yes, that’s 52 people a year to work with and that’s MORE than enough!

In the end, it’s not whether interviews will work for you to build your business, because they will (no matter what you sell). It comes down to whether you have the confidence and the tools to go for it and make it happen.

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  • John Abbott

    Reply Reply January 8, 2016

    Jim, You are SO right about this! When I “discovered” Internet Marketing, at the First BIg Seminar in 2003, I had NOTHING but BOLDNESS. I DID have experience as a former radio announcer, but that was it. I was CLUELESS about anything else, but I DID want to interview some of the top guys. Well, EVERYBODY I asked AGREED to do an interview with me, such as Armand Morin, Terry Dean, Ted Ciuba, Dottie Walters, and so many more! And we DID the interviews on LIVE internet radio!

    As the Bible says, “Ask and you SHALL receive!” Just ASK. I WILL surprise you!

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 8, 2016


      You are living proof! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing that!


  • Charles Moorehead

    Reply Reply January 11, 2016

    Jim, great stuff, as always. After I get through with my ClickBank project I will be trying out your ideas.

    Thanks for the info.

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 11, 2016

      Very cool!

  • Steve Pike

    Reply Reply January 29, 2016

    Jim, you are wright about hard to get started in business, I have had my struggles as well. It is hard for the beginner to share their info. without people and traffic, this has always been the key to a successful business. Webinars have become very popular with interviews and the mobile industry is booming. I have been learning about advertising using a free 24 hour recorded message that captures the callers info., even blocked numbers.

    This is an amazing thing, never miss a lead even at 3:00 AM and with different time zones, this is great. I would love to see others succeed in their efforts so I would like to share how this works, you get yourself an 800#, record your message that you want to share with them similar to this, Conquer Craigslist Advertising, Free 24 Hour Recorded Information 800-675-3620 Ext. 41, Then share you number by ways of Car Magnets, Flyers, Business Cards / Sizzle Cards, Door Hangers, Banners, Bill Boards, Stickers (these work great at gas station pumps!), Social Media, Classified Ads (Paper & Digital)and many other ways. If you would like to learn more about this type of marketing, Call for my FREE 24 HOUR RECORDED INFORMATION 800-675-3620 EXT. 21

    I hope all, success in their endeavors!

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