Cold traffic? Sell ‘Em Medicated Popsicles!!

3 Steps To Slurp Up Cold Prospects With Your Ads

So, in case you don’t know, “cold traffic” refers to prospects who are fixated on their problem(s). They have no idea there’s a solution out there somewhere, and they certainly don’t know about your or your product.

But, in most cases, if you can’t sell to cold traffic, you can’t build your business (at least not with advertising).

So, what do you do?

Simple: Write ads that grab a cold prospect right where they are and then suck them into your funnel!

Step #1 – Identify The Problem They KNOW They Have

Cold traffic only cares about their current problem. Think of it like a symptom of strep throat. People have a throat that feels like it’s on fire and they feel like they’ve been run over by a Mack truck!

They don’t care that the scientific name for their sickness is actually “streptococcus pyogenes.” You need to narrow down the problem to a simple concept in as few words as possible.

Their problem is “sore throat!” And even more specifically “throat on fire!”

Step #2 – Ask Them A Question

Want to grab the right person’s attention? Want to move them on to the next step in your sales funnel? How do you do that?

Ask them a question about their problem!

“Does your throat feel like it’s on fire?”

“Throat on fire?”

“Tired of feeling like your throat’s on fire?”

(Notice I didn’t say “sore” throat in this case. Strep throat is so much more than a “sore” throat!)

Step #3 – Promise Escape From Pain In The Next Step

This step is easy! Just promise a solution on the other side of the click.

“If you’re throat’s on fire, click here and start feeling better in seconds!” (and they click over to your medicated popsicle funnel!)

Yes, it’s that easy!

The problem is, most people would lead with the popsicles… or their brand… or a doctor’s endorsement (or something else centered on themselves or their product). WRONG!

With cold traffic you must start with the problem and then move them through to whatever you’re selling framed specifically as THE solution to THAT specific problem!

And by the way…

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