5 Tips To Avoid Sounding Cheezy In Your Sales Copy

A lot of people who need to write sales copy worry about coming off as cheezy, kinda like a used car salesman. They confuse good selling with the cultural stereotypes that rank good selling along with slimeballs. So, let’s talk about five (5) ways you can avoid creating copy that makes people feel like they need a shower after reading it. 🧀😷🚿

Tip #1 – Be Genuine

Now, the first way you write copy without coming off as cheesy is just to be genuine. Don’t be a cheese ball, and you won’t write cheesy copy. Sounds simple, and it is. We all know what slimeball copy sounds and reads like. Don’t be that guy. 🤡

Tip #2 – Talk About Tangible Benefits ✌

Second, you want to highlight and talk about benefits in your copy. But make sure you talk about benefits in a way that won’t turn people off. That means you don’t sound “hypey” like a carnival barker pitching the latest snake oil or sideshow attraction. However, if you’re talking about benefits in a way that people are super interested in, then your sales copy won’t come off as cheesy. 💩

Tip #3 – Don’t Fixate On Money 💰

Holy crap! Think about this. When your only justification for making a purchase in your sales copy about is “You’re gonna be rich! You’re gonna retire in five days!” you’re in trouble! Nobody believes that crap; at least not the people you actually want as customers. Don’t fixate on money unless you want the bottom of the barrel, needy, mind-suckers to be your only customers. 😈👹👺🧛

It’s fine to let people know that they’re gonna make money with your product, but don’t make that the only reason you give them to buy.

Tip #4 – Don’t Go Into Outer Space 🛸🚀🛰

This fourth tip means you should talk in realistic terms. This goes with Tip #1, being genuine. Talk to people. Just talk to ’em. Tell ’em what you’ve got. Tell ’em how they’re gonna benefit. Tell ’em what problems you’ll solve for them. Tell ’em why they should grab it now instead of waiting. ⏰🖐

Tip #5 – Proof

Nothing speaks louder or more convincingly than proof. Proof that your product/service gets results. Proof that your product/service works for people LIKE THEM. 🧒👦🧓👵👮💂

Side Note: Don’t be one of those jackasses who go around showing pictures of your Lambo, or showing pictures of your Ferrari. I mean, how often do you see me whipping out my Rolls and saying, “Hey, what do y’all think of my Rolls?” I’ve got a Rolls, but I don’t pull it out. Why? Because it’s tacky! 🏰🚁🛫🚤🚘

Also, breaking news, pictures of your car are NOT proof that your product/service will actually work for them. Might work for you, but not for them. 🙌

The best proof you can use is proof where you show that not only you’ve gotten results, but that people just like them have gotten results too. That’s really all the people who read your copy care about. 💓

Do they believe THEY can get results?

I mean, it’s fine that I get results. It’s fine that my students get results. But the way you’re gonna make money with your copy is if they believe they can get the results you promise. 💍

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