5 Ways To Grab Attention (Without Using Pepper Spray!)

I had a great question from somebody this morning. “Hey Jim, how to get anyone’s attention without spraying pepper spray?”

Now you know me, I’m a very subtle individual. I don’t like to call attention to myself, and of course I’m only about keeping it classy! LOL

But I can help you with the answer to this question. If you want to grab people’s attention, here are FIVE different tips to do it.

#1 – Ask a Question

You can ask a question in sales copy or any situation as long as it’s a targeted question that gets the attention of the right people. A targeted question is usually centered around a desire or a problem.

“Hey, do you suffer from painful warts?”

“Are you tired of not making any book sales?”

“Would you like to join the ranks of the author elite?”

“Would you like to get rid of that nasty wart on the end of your nose?”

Be careful how you ask, but asking a question is a great way to get somebody’s attention.

#2 – Make a Bold Statement

Making a bold statement is kind of like standing up in the middle of a room and yelling something at a party. People will turn around and look at you. Just make sure you’re yelling something appropriate.

Make some sort of a bold statement like, “Whether you’re a newbie author or whether you’re an experienced author, I’m going to show you how you can sell a ton of books!” or

“Hey, let me show you how to get rid of that wart on the end of your nose in just 5 minutes!”

A bold statement makes people stop, and say “Oh Dang. Well let me pay attention to what this guy is saying.”

#3 – Emotionally Charged Pictures

Show an image that makes people stop in their tracks, especially on social media. Why? Because it makes them actually stop what they’re doing and look.

Something to think about, however, is that people have really gotten away from images in text sales copy. But the right image can stop people much faster, believe it or not, than a headline.

Also, did you know that the caption you put with the image can be an effective attention getter as well? Captions work like magic because when you stop people with a picture, the next thing they’re going to read is the caption with the image. So that’s super, super important.

#4 – Amp Up Your Emotion

Another way to stop people in their tracks without bear spray is to amp up your emotion. That’s why you see people on Facebook waving and jumping up an down. If you want to grab attention you can get super excited and / or emotional.

TIP: You can create excitement in your body if you talk about 10 percent faster and 10 percent louder. A higher emotional level will grab people and suck them in, especially if you’re doing talking head video.

#5 – Use Props

Use props like hats or coffee cups or things on your desk. Use things in the background like awards or funny signs on your wall. Show something that’s going to stop them and make them pay attention to what you’re saying.

So there you have it, 5 ways to grab people’s attention without hitting them in the face with pepper spray! Enjoy!

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