A Book Writing Lie Authors Believe

If you’re an author (or someone who wants to be) who is genuinely interested in how to publish and sell your own book(s), then I’ve got a book writing lie authors believe here you need to learn about FAST.

#1 Book Writing Lie Authors Believe :
You Need A “Real” Publisher If You Want To Be Considered A “Real” Author

Authors (or those who want to be) your whole book writing game plan comes down to this simple fact: that you’ve been lied to. People will tell you that you must have a real publisher in order for your book to be considered a “real” book.

Everyone needs to know this because if you believe this lie you are setting yourself up for some real heartache and a long, slow, painful journey.

This lie authors believe is critical for authors (or those who want to be) success because your chances of getting a real publisher are slim. Plus, they take forever to publish your book. They pay you very little in royalties. They tie up your publishing rights to your own material. And they generally depend on YOU to sell the books (publishers PRINT books, they don’t sell them).

And that leads us to the fact that you should create your book as fast as you can and just get it done.

Publish your book on Amazon!

Having your book listed on Amazon is what makes it a real book now, NOT having a New York publisher.

Don’t believe me?  Check out these facts:

  • Amazon’s Global revenue: $88.99 Billion per year NET
  • That revenue is higher than the Gross National Product of 2/3 of all countries on planet earth (Wikipedia)
  • E-Reader Market Share worldwide: 73.7%
  • 65% of all (yes, all) new online book sales, in both print and digital format.

Bottom Line: Amazon is where the customers are and it’s where they spend money.

If your book has a professional looking cover (which costs less than $50 to have done) and it’s listed on Amazon, then it’s a REAL BOOK!

End of story!

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