A Book Writing Lie Traditional Publishers Hope You Always Believe

If you’re a professional who is ready to write your own book to get more business, then pay careful attention to this lie you’ve been told. 📕📖📚

The Big Idea Behind This #1 Book Writing Lie You’ve Been Told Is: Your Book Has To Be 200-300 Pages Long To Be A Real Book ❌

The #1 thing you need to understand with this is you can have a real book without having it be 2-3 inches thick and take forever to write. A real business book can be 50-100 pages long if it contains good information. 🧐👍💗

Everyone needs to understand this means you can create a book in just a few hours if you have the right techniques and strategies. It also means you don’t have to wait forever to get the benefit of being a published author. 🕰⏳

This is critical to your success because if you believe the lies people tell about publishing books, you’ll NEVER get your book written and you’ll still be wishing for it years from now. 😥

Bottom line? You should…

1. Write down all the ways you could use a book to build your business. (You’ll use this as a blueprint once your book is done. Plus, it’ll give you the motivation to complete the process.) 🖊

2. Make a list of the most frequently asked questions people have in your niche market. ❓❔⁉

3. Have a friend interview you for about an hour (creates 6,000 – 9,000 words of content) 🗣🎤🎙

4. Have the interview transcribed 📃

BOOM! There’s the content for your book. 📑

Side note: in a 6×9 paperback, each page contains approximately 250 words. That means 9,000 words / 250 = 36 pages. + Your bio, table of contents, cover letter, copyright page and more… and you can hit the 50 page mark for a book easily. ✔

If you do a 90-minute interview, you’ll end up with around 75 total pages… again, plenty for a book… 📙

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