Adding Sales Copy to your Content Without Being Obnoxious – SCCMH Podcast 16 [podcast]

“Adding Sales Copy to your Content Without Being Obnoxious”


Jim Edwards ( and Stew Smith discuss the subtle ways to introduce sales copy into content created for your readers or viewers that can be done by article / blog post or by quick FB Live video as well.


Some of the information featured in this podcast:

– Talk / write about a benefit, meaning, or education to the content
– Show them WHAT to do but sell them on HOW to do it.
– Use a wizard – Try the Book Wizard for Amazon sales copy – it actually writes a good article too.
– Add emotion to the content and hooks
– Benefit, Benefit, HOOK
– Add Reasons WHY you need to do something
– Add Reasons WHO this content is for.

Educate them on things they need to do – show them how to do it by creating the easy button, offer secret tips, to take them to the next level or their goal.


Add in a Related Articles Sidebar or links to books, products, services within a few paragraphs when stating, “in my book, I discuss” or “in my online coaching program I teach you how…”

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