And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

I think I’ve acknowledged this before — and besides, it’s no secret — right now we face some interesting and trying times.

Unless you live under a rock, I don’t really need to get into what we’re facing right now.

BUT (always a but), I do want to mention something to you that I think a lot of people don’t ever think about, and that’s the long-term results of a “survival” mindset.

A survival mindset means pulling back mentally and physically, and treating everything on a fight-or-flight level of reaction, whether it’s deserved or not. For most people this means circling the wagons and shutting down mentally and physically to just the bare essentials… waiting to ride out the storm.

And my question has always been, is survival really living… or just existing?

For me, “living” means finding a balance between work, family, spirituality and fun. Fun can help make everything just a little bit easier, help you relax, and even help you make money because it takes your mind off your troubles long enough for a solution to bubble up from your subconscious.

So in the spirit of fun, here are a few things you might try this weekend to increase your fun, fun, FUN factor a little… and maybe have that breakthrough you’ve been trying so hard to get in your life.

1. Redbox. Rent the latest movies for a buck. Combine that with some popcorn and you have movie night for under $3

2. Tell a story. My grandsons take story time over expensive toys, video games or DVDs every chance they get.

3. Take a walk. Do it with a friend or by yourself. Clear your mind and loosen up your joints.

4. Public Library. Tens-of-thousands of books, DVDs, and magazines are just waiting to be read. Not to mention the activities and programs there are free.

5. Find a Park. Public parks make a great escape and don’t cost a dime.

The key is: Get out from behind the computer, get out from under that crushing feeling, let go of your worries and have a little fun.

It’ll revolutionize your short-term outlook… and just might change your life for the better forever!

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