Authors Multiply Profits With “Funnels”

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What You'll LEARN:

  • How to structure your book funnel

  • Why every author NEEDS a funnel

  • What to charge for each step in the process

  • What to do FIRST to get the process going

1 Comment

  • Zechariah

    Reply Reply August 23, 2020

    Hey Jim,

    Just an FYI, one day I’m gonna get a signed copy of “Copywriting Secrets” and shake your hand for changing my life and pouring out your knowledge into me..

    2nd thing- Could you go step-by-step into the process to sell your free + shipping book on Clickfunnels and sell it completely ondemand and automated.

    I’ve tried using Shopify but that went kaput really fast considering all the steps I had to take to fulfill each order…

    Thanks so much- P.S. your chickens are really cool

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