Being More Concise With Sales Copy – SCCMH [Podcast 101]

Less is More. Would you like to be able to draft sales copy and be more concise? Let’s do some wizard / script walk through of the Bullet Scripts (Feature – Benefit – Meaning).

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Jim Edwards: Hey Everybody, Jim Edwards here and welcome to another edition of the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast.

I’m your host Jim Edwards along with my trusty co-host and Podcast Producer, Mr. Stew Smith, Welcome, Stew!

Stew Smith: Hello, Everybody.

Jim Edwards: This is Episode 101 Episode 101!

And Stew has a surprise for us today.

And for me as well, Stew, what are we talking about on today’s episode?

Stew Smith: Well, if you were here for the Jim and Stew show pre podcast production.

We were discussing a short sales letter, and sometimes it can be too long.

So, this actually works out really well.

Less is more. I think you did a letting the chickens out with Jim, and you focused on less is more.

And so, would you like to do a less is more podcast and demonstrate some wizards that may help you be more concise?

That is my question to you, Jim.

Jim Edwards: If we really wanted to do a less is more podcast, we just say thanks for joining us, everybody.

Have a happy holiday, and we’ll see you next time.

I can’t get more concise than that.

Stew Smith: That’s pretty good.

Jim Edwards: You know, I think the biggest thing with being concise is that when you’re writing copy, and then we’ll do an example, which I think it’d be really good.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: When you’re doing sales copy or doing content, the hardest draft Everybody in the comments.

What do you think is the hardest draft when you are creating content?

Or you’re writing sales copy?

You’re writing a book, you’re writing an ad, you’re writing a sales letter, you’re writing an email?

What is the hardest draft?

When you’re doing any type of content or copy creation?

Tell me in the comments. I know the answer.

But what is the hardest?

What is the most difficult draft?

Sunita says bingo on concise, I guess he’s ready for us to be done.

And to what would you say is the hardest draft?

Stew Smith: Well, sometimes, the first draft is always hardest because I’m just working for ideas.

But when it starts flowing, it probably overflows a little bit, and I have to chop it down a little bit and be a little more concise.

Jim Edwards: So, the time to try to be concise is not on the first, and everybody’s getting I think there’s a little bit of a delay.

The time to be concise is not the first draft.

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: The first draft is the draft where you get the stuff out of your head and get something to work with.

And then your job is to whittle it down.

And I remember one time I was about 12, my dad and I were over in Aacehwan, Virginia.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been there heard.

It’s, you know, yeah.

And we were sitting down by the water, and my mom was doing a craft show or something.

And he just picked up a piece of wood.

And he pulled out his pocketknife.

And he started whittling on it.

I’m like, Hey, what are you going to make?

He says I don’t know yet.

Stew Smith: Hmm.

Jim Edwards: And so, he kept whittling on the wood and whittling on the wood.

And I said, do you know what it’s going to be yet?

He said, No, I don’t know.

And it’s going to be then it started, you know, well, it’s going to be something I’m going to put on my desk.

And then he turned into something.

And it was a little it ended up being a little figurine.

But he knew that he wanted to make something, and he knew he wanted to make something to put on his desk, but he wasn’t really sure.

And so, over the course of an hour, he just, as old farm boys do, he’s whittling on this piece of wood.

And it was just a little figure like a figure laying down like this or something, you know, like, like with its head back, just relaxing.

And I thought that was kind of cool.

So, I always look at editing any content or copy as whittling.

How can I say this?

And I go through, I guess, a subconscious checklist where I say, “Okay, how can I say this simpler?”

How can I say this just as powerfully in fewer words?

How can I say this in a way that creates more mental pictures for people, which usually involves verbs?

How can I create curiosity with this?

How can I use this to keep people moving on to the next piece of copy?

And then there’s other stuff how can I you how can I plant a seed here or open up a loop?

That has to be closed later.

Is there is there a thought that I can end with? Is there a what’s the thought that I can open with that will really grant… What the hell are you looking at, man?!

Stew Smith: Looking at some comments.

Jim Edwards: Is there something behind me?

I get paranoid like there’s somebody’s going to come in behind me I’m going to get like hitting the back of the head with a baseball bat or something.

I was like, Oh my god! Stew they’re behind you, man!

Wait for what?


Stew Smith: Just pulling up comments.

Jim Edwards: So that’s the way I look at it, but you first got to get the thing down there.

So, if we were going to go to, let’s say we came over here to Funnel Scripts,

And we were to go into the bullets.

Let’s do that.

So, we go into the bullet scripts; we use this one all the time when I do Monday madness with Dean and Jesse.

So, the FBM bullets.

So FBM stands for feature, benefit, meaning

Stew Smith: Nice.

Jim Edwards: And that’s really the that’s the formula for a good bullet.

In fact, my buddy Allen, who owns Reed’s Dairy out in Idaho, has used what we’re going to talk about here to double and then double again, how he does on his Thanksgiving Day Sale.

Last year, they went from 50,000 to $100,000 in sales in one day.

And this year, they went from 100,000 to $200,000 in sales by focusing on what we’re going to talk about right here, which is fbm.

Feature benefit, meaning, in fact, he’s the one he has the page memorized.

It’s page 84.

Inside of Copywriting Secrets is the page that he has open while he’s writing his copy.

So, what do we want to write some bullets for?

Stew Smith: Hmm.

Good question.

Okay, well, let’s for Christmas gifts for your wife.

Jim Edwards: No!


Where’s your most recent book?

My most recent book?

Yeah, grab a copy.

We’re going to write some bullets for this.

Stew Smith: 

You know what, let’s do this one.

This one is a hot one.

Calisthenics and cardio workouts only?


Jim Edwards: Oh my god.

Stew Smith: People have been tearing this one up because, why?

They lost their gym.

Jim Edwards: I’m right here didn’t lose me.

Stew Smith: What?

Jim Edwards: They lost their Jim. I’m right here!

Stew Smith: Oh, haha!

Okay, here’s, here’s my latest published.

The #1 Best pyramid training workout.

Yeah, get the other one.

Jim Edwards: Okay, we’re going to write five bullets for this book.

All right, what’s a feature of the book?

Like a feature is you don’t need a gym.

Stew Smith: You don’t need any equipment.

Or minimal equipment needs a pull-up bar.

Jim Edwards: Okay, we’ll say you don’t need any equipment.

Because if you don’t have a pull-up bar, you can get a tiara.

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so what’s the benefit?

If you don’t need any equipment?

What’s the benefit?

So, you can get what you don’t need any equipment so you can what?

Stew Smith: Train on your own without going to a gym.

Jim Edwards: And what’s the big meaning of that feature or that benefit feature and benefit to that?

Which means what?

Stew Smith: You don’t have to stop training when all the gyms are closed.

Jim Edwards: Keep training, keep training.

Keep training even when all the gyms are locked down.

Yeah, lockdown sounds better than closed.

Stew Smith: True.

Jim Edwards: Okay, what’s another feature?

Don’t you need any equipment?

What’s another feature?

Stew Smith: You limit your exposure to getting ill.

Jim Edwards: Okay, to me, that’s a benefit.

Stew Smith: Another feature of minimal equipment.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so now here’s the thing.

Passing Fitness Test because…

Jim Edwards: No, hang on, dude!

We’re going to do something here.

We’re going to build backward.

Stew Smith: Okay.

Jim Edwards: So, if the meaning is limit your exposure to getting sick, what’s what would be a feature?

What if I’m going to sit? How would it limit my exposure to getting sick?

Stay in shape at home.

Stew Smith: stay in shape at home.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: Okay.

Jim Edwards: So that’s a benefit.

Feature workout anywhere.

Stew Smith: There you go.

I was just about to say that indoors or outdoors.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so did you guys notice there that I worked backward literally worked backward from the benefit.

So, when you understand the formula feature, benefit, meaning you can have a benefit pop into your head or a meaning pop in your head.

And I’ll be honest with you, benefits and meanings are pretty interchangeable.

It’s a real squishy.

The big thing to keep in mind is that a feature is what it is.

The benefit is what it does.

So, we could flip these. In fact, I’m going to show you a new output we have on this that’s going to blow your mind as far as the way it constructs the bullets.

So, let’s do another one.

What’s another feature of that book?

Does it have a bunch of different exercises to choose from?

Or is it the same shit on every page?

Stew Smith: No, it’s countless, countless calisthenics.

Jim Edwards: How many?

How many different workouts are in there?

Stew Smith: I know a good feature.

It has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced program all in one book.

And totaling 18 weeks of training. 18 weeks of workout ideas.

Jim Edwards: Okay, hang on.

That’s a different feature.

Stew Smith: Also has death by pushups in it.

Jim Edwards: Oh, goody!

18 weeks of workout ideas?

Stew Smith: Yep!

Jim Edwards: Okay, what’s the benefit of that?

So, you can work out and never get bored?

Stew Smith: True.

Jim Edwards: Which means you’re more likely to stick with it.

Stew Smith: How to stay engaged.


Jim Edwards: And reach your fitness goals.

Stew Smith: Oh, there you go.

Jim Edwards: Oh, yeah, we all got fitness goals.

Okay, so includes beginner, and that’s the other thing I want to say is that you can if you want to take the features, and then just when stuff comes up, you just start filling the thing is you don’t have to do it linearly.

So, what’s the benefit of includes intermediate, beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs?

Stew Smith: Yep.

Jim Edwards: What’re the benefit Stew?

Stew Smith: So you can at any fitness level can find a workout that fits their abilities.

Jim Edwards: What’re your current abilities?

Yeah, we want them to fit. Oh, the current might get better.

Which means…?

Stew Smith: you can make today day one, not one day.

Jim Edwards: Nobody understands that crap until after they get into your sphere of if it ain’t on the list.

It doesn’t exist make today day one, not one day.


Never quit.


What’s the benefit of that?

This means now somebody said to go at your own pace.

A good and you know what?

We’re going to switch this at your own pace.

This means find a workout for you no matter what your current abilities.

I like that.

Okay, I need one more.

Um, I think day one, not one day is really cool.

But it’s what we’re not looking for.

We’re not looking for cool.

And clippy right here.

We’re looking for just driving home stuff.

So what’s another feature of the book?

What about time?

Is that tell me about the time.

How long does each of these workouts take?

Can I expand or contract them based on my fit into your schedule is what I’m trying to do.

Stew Smith: Right?

Yes, some of them.

They start off very easy, maybe 20 minutes, and then they advance into hour-long programming depending on your abilities.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so effective workouts starting at 20 minutes.

Okay, so you can. What?

Stew Smith: So you can build a fitness foundation,

Jim Edwards: So you can build a solid fitness foundation like that, and avoid injury.

Okay, so the benefit of that, let’s see if we can tie that in, which means getting in great shape.

Stew Smith: Yeah, losing weight getting in great shape and avoiding injury.

Jim Edwards: Lose weight. Get in great shape. Avoid injury.

Alright, I like this.

So now we’re going to save this, and I want to show you this is where we talk about the whittling down stuff.

So Stew’s bullets for his book.

How what’s the book, The calisthenics and cardio.

Now, these are more traditional bullets, so you don’t need any equipment.

So you’re able to train on your own without going to a dream without going to the gym, which means you can keep training even when all the gyms are locked down.

Workout anywhere indoors or outdoors, which helps you stay in shape at home.

So you can limit your exposure to getting sick.

That’s a good bullet.

18 weeks of workout ideas you’re able to work out and never get bored.

Which means you which means you’re more likely to stay engaged.

Stay engaged.

Stew Smith: Stay on track.

Jim Edwards: No, I’ve just spelled it wrong.

Oh no, I think it’s an amazing copy because I wrote it.

Let’s see whack this again.

So you can see how these all came out includes beginner-intermediate, an advanced program which enables you to go at your own pace, and that means you’ll find a workout for you no matter what your current abilities effective workout starting at 20 minutes build a solid foundation.

Okay, so you see how that goes.

Now I want to take you down here now. We’re turning this into a stack.

So again features and then all the benefits you don’t need any equipment workout anywhere 18 weeks workout ideas include beginner or advanced programs effective workout starting at 20 minutes.

These are actually really good bullets by the way like I’m very good train on your own without going to a gym keep training even when all the gyms are locked down.

This is good.

Now what I want this is typically the way everybody does bullets is the way everybody’s been trained to do bullets.

You guys tell me in the Sunita has given some great, says I’m sold Where do I order we’ll tell we want to tell people where they can get your books to all this is true.

So, here’s the thing, though.

And I know this is going to sound weird.

But I had a dream about this a couple of weeks ago.

And I said, “Everybody, do feature benefit meaning. Why couldn’t you do?

Why couldn’t you lead with the meaning or the benefit, first?

Because that creates a picture in their mind of what they want.

Instead of them having to absorb the feature and then translate the feature into the benefit.

Why not give them the benefit and then lead them to the benefit with the feature.

It’s like the before after bridge.

I know this is weird, but watch how these bullets read.


Keep training even when all the gyms are locked down.

You don’t need any equipment to train on your own without going to a gym.

Limit your exposure to getting sick workout anywhere indoors or outdoors stay in shape at home, you’re more likely to stay engaged and reach your fitness goals.

18 weeks of workout ideas workout and never get bored.

Find a workout for you.

No matter what, your current abilities include beginner, intermediate, advanced programs, go at your own pace, lose weight, get in great shape and avoid effective injury workout starting at 20 minutes build a solid fitness foundation, exact same building blocks rearranged.

Do those not create a different conversation the way they’re done?

Stew Smith: Yeah, absolutely.

Jim Edwards:  So that’s just a different way of doing it.

Stew Smith: Then he did it meaning benefit feature model, and then I did meaning benefit feature.

So it’s descending from what they want to how they’re going to get it, which I really love.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: And then I did it with the meaning ones, and then I just I did I spun them a different way, a bunch of different ways but…

This one right here keep training you win all the gyms are locked down training room without going to a gym.

You don’t need any equipment.

How does that one real cool.

So, um, that’s you know, somebody said I think you hit AIDA copy paydirt. This isn’t ADA.

ADA has attention, interest, desire, action.

This is similar but different.

This is trying to get them to form a picture in their mind of the result instead of its, you know, what made me think about this, I was thinking about one of my mentors.

When I first got started in the business, I did a ton of cold calling.

I was insurance.

I cold-called for mortgages; I cold-called for memberships and a discount cloud.

I mean, it was nothing for me to talk to 200 strangers in a day over the phone.

All right.

But I was trying to get an appointment to actually see them in person.

So it wasn’t like telemarketing.

Now, this was trying to set appointments.

And one of the things that I learned was, it’s better to work off referral, but I was still having trouble with referral until one of my mentors said to me, hey when you call a referral, this is how you do it.

You mention the other person’s name first.

So the way I was doing it, I’d call him and said, Hey, is this Stew Smith?

Stew Smith:  “Yes.”

Jim Edwards: Okay. Hey, my name is Jim Edwards, and I was referred to you by Alden Mills.

And I wanted to talk to you about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now, when I first saw that, you’re like, Who the hell is Jim Edwards?

And you’re still processing the thought of who is Jim Edwards, which is potentially dangerous.

And then your then trying to process the picture of your buddy Alden Mills, who you’re like, why is Alden pushing this person?

What is going on here?


Is that kind of the mental process you went through?

Stew Smith: A little bit, but I would say, Oh, he knows Alden.

Jim Edwards: But all it takes is that little bit; we’re looking for a little bit of advantage here.

This is all we’re trying to do.


Just the little tweak, because the tiny tweak is what makes the difference between selling nothing and selling 500% more than what you’re selling now.

So now I call him and said, Hey, is this Stew Smith?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Hey, Stu.

Alden Mills told me to give you a call.

My name is Jim Edwards.


Now, when I say Alden Mills, you think of your buddy Alden.

First, you have hopefully good thoughts about Alden.

And then those good thoughts are transferred to me.

Because you thought of all done first, instead of having the confusion as to who the hell I was and having to do the flip of “Oh, he knows Alden.”

Yeah, that makes sense.


So what we’re doing here is we’re putting in their mind the thing that they want, and then we’re bridging to it with the feature, instead of leading with the feature and bridging from the feature to the meaning through the benefit.

We’re leading with the benefit, which everybody or the meaning or the benefit, which everybody wants, and then bridging to the feature.

Going that way.

Does that make sense?

They read completely differently.

Can they have a different effect on the way you visualize stuff?

Yeah, so I don’t. I mean, we didn’t even really get into whittling on these because they actually that thought they turned out pretty well.

I mean, we could do a little bit of wordsmithing on them.

And the easiest way to do that is you can click on get results, and download all the bullets in a Word document.

It’s opening on one of my force five, six screens, I have hooked up to this computer.

Stew Smith: Wow.

Jim Edwards: And you’re going to email that to me, I assume?

Yeah, I can set up a thing through PayPal, that will you like send me money, and then it’ll email to you.

It’s amazing.

Okay, great.

I’m kidding.

Stew Smith: I know. I know.

Jim Edwards: So I’m actually what I can do is I know I’m going to add, you have a funnel scripts account, right?

Yeah, I go, okay.

I was going to regret asking that question.

No, I’m what I’m going to do.

I save this.

And I’m going to share, I’m going to actually do the share.

Now I’m going to throw this link in there to everybody.

And now I’m going to put it into the private chat, and I’ll send it to you to Stew, but you can actually you can load this.

Now Everybody can load this into your funnel scripts account.

And you can have this project, and you can play with it and tweak it and mess with it.

So anyway, that’s hopefully a little golden nugget.

This that’s coming from doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it.

You know, it’s kind of like you told me that one time, y’all were doing that workout on the pool.

And you said, Dan, we need to stop doing this because everybody got turf toe?

Yeah, it’s, you know, that’s the kind of thing that other people learn it right.

But you learn the lesson by doing it and doing it consistently.


And, and so this insight came out of doing all of the these Monday Madnesses and writing the copy for trying to get people to sign up for funnel Friday’s and stuff.

And just really focusing on the basics of, what’s the offer, what’s the headline?

What’s the call to action?

What are the bullets?

And those are the only just like working out?

I mean, what if you what if your only mechanism for being in shape was a pull-up bar and gravity?

How could you get in shape with zero weights and yet be able to carry heavy loads and do all that stuff? You got to start doing it and seeing what’s working and what’s not.

And that’s a lesson for all of us is that we all need to get out there and do it.

Because I can tell you what I think will work for your audience, I can tell you what’s worked for me historically with my audience and my voice and my products and my stuff.

And ultimately, though, all you can do is take that knowledge and apply it to yourself, your situation, your business, your customers, take those best practices, put them into practice, and figure out what your best practices are, which that takes getting out and getting dirty.

And doing it.

Stew Smith: Well.

I’ll tell you, Jim, you can’t get more concise than with bullets.

And you know, less is more.

Jim Edwards: That’s right.

Stew Smith: That’s what you just showed us.

So that was good.

Jim Edwards: So I hope you all enjoyed that.

And if you don’t have funnel scripts, you should!

Go to, and you can sign up get yourself an account.

We do some amazing things.

I do live training every month.

We have new scripts coming in all the time; we’ve got over 70 existing scripts to help you do everything from creating entire email sequences to entire webinars, masterclasses, video sales letters, all kinds of good, good goodies.

So, Stew…

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Show Everybody.

I’m going to show you your screen.

I want you to show Everybody physically where they can go to buy your book that we just wrote these bullets from?

Do you really want these bullets?

Are you just trying to be nice?

Stew Smith: I’m serious.

Send them. I’m going to write an article for him.

Jim Edwards: Mr. Pickles is the greatest.


what do you need for me?

Stew Smith: All right.

So we can share people


Jim Edwards: after you say Mr.

Pickles is the greatest.

Stew Smith:  Mr. Pickles is the greatest.

All right, well,

Stew Smith:   can you see that?

Oh, come on.

Sorry, go to Oh look, his own…

Is reacting against his own site.

Oh yeah.

Stew Smith: 

It’s like that, you know?


Yeah, so no, no, you just scroll down.

Go Stu Smith, fitness calm, and it’s on the main book page.

Boom, calisthenics, and cardio

calisthenics and cardio for $17.95 plus shipping.

You can change your life.

Stew Smith: Or you can download the Ebook.


Oh, nice.

No waiting.

No waiting.

Jim Edwards: Alright, cool.

Stew Smith: Oh, and there’s also an app for it too.

Somebody made an app for me, and I sell it as an app version.

Excuse me.


In all seriousness, though, Stew totally changed my life as far as my fitness goes.

And if you want to change your life with fitness, he can help Everybody, and he can help anybody at any level because I was fat, but I wasn’t a super fat boy.

When I met you.

I was a recovering fat boy.

Stew Smith: But you told me you couldn’t run.

You couldn’t do squats.

Jim Edwards: I can’t run.

I can’t do squats.

What else did I say?

I couldn’t find any lunges.

Now I’m out.

That means you’re bad.

I’m out there doing all kinds of weighted squats and stuff.

And yesterday, I was crushing it yesterday.

I was really proud of myself.

Stew can help you out.

What you need to do is skip over all the books and join his online PT club.

Just give him all the money.

You can, and I’m serious.

The biggest thing, though, is you need to make sure we’re not supposed to say need.

What if you could get there’s a good copywriting lesson? Dean jumps on me all the time about this.

Don’t say you need to or you should ask a question.

What if you could get in the most amazing shape of your life over the next year?

How would your life be different?

How could you use this time when Everybody’s in COVID lockdown to come out of this looking and feeling amazing with self-esteem that’s through the roof with a body that would make yourself 20 years ago green with envy.

What if doesn’t have to be what if, in fact, if you go sign up for Stew Smith’s PT online PT club, you can make today day one of your life-changing fitness journey because the benefits…

Stew Smith: hey…

Jim Edwards: I’m not done yet.

Because the benefits go way beyond just feeling better physically.

Your clothes will fit better, your confidence will go through the roof, your attraction to and from your significant other can go through the roof.

The benefits across all areas of your life are incredible.

And I’m living proof that what a Stew teaches does the only thing I’ll tell you is…

If you’re not motivated, don’t sign up.

And the second thing is, don’t quit.

Do everything he tells you to do, and don’t quit, and you’ll get results that exceed your wildest imagination.

Head on over to

Sign up today.

Stew Smith: Nice. I’m not as good as you.

But I’ll try.

Okay, all right.

If you need something that will change your life in business, what I mean by that, I mean a 30, 50, 100% increase in sales.

Sales copy secrets by Jim Edwards.

Get it today…

Jim Edwards: Copywriting secrets Stew.

Stew Smith: Oh, sorry.

Copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards.

What did I say? It was a sales copy secrets.

Oh, sorry.

What you’ve been smoking.

Yeah, I didn’t even say you came and say that it was the cover the copywriting secrets on it.

Stew Smith: As I said, I’m not good at that.

Got to work at that one.

So yeah.

I even currently the reference Bible.

I mean, I am constantly in here saying, I need a better title.

What’s the best way to do that?

Oh, there it is.

There’s a nice, there’s an idea.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

All right.

Stew Smith: Secret 21.

Stew Smith: Love me. Hate me. There’s no money in the middle.

That’s right.

So, go piss people off on Instagram.

Jim Edwards: All right.

All right.

All right.


I think that’s it.

That was the Jim and Stew Christmas special.

I think it was pretty good.

It morphed into something cool.

And as long as you guys bring the questions, we can bring the answers, and we always bring the heat.

So, I also want to just tell everybody, as we’re sliding into the holiday season, do not eat like a pig.

No, that’s my diet advice.

All right, get out and move and don’t eat like a pig.

Stew Smith: Make more, move more, eat less.

Jim Edwards: Here’s a good one.

Stew Smith: if you have the week off, you know, so yeah, take the week off.

You know, this week.

Every meal walks for 10 minutes.

Jim Edwards: While you’re eating?

Stew Smith: No after before after every meal walk 10 minutes, okay.

Yeah, there you go.

10 minutes.

Ain’t no 10, 10 might turn to 20.

But at the same time, it works just to help you earn your food a little better.

Jim Edwards: There you go.


All right, everybody will take care and enjoy yourselves, and we will not be here next week.

So, we will see you in the new year.

Bye, Everybody.

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