Build a Movement – Secrets to Help Your Business Go Viral – SCCMH [Podcast 100]

Jim and Stew discuss many of the tools in The Jim Edwards Method offers to help people create sales copy, make posts, hashtags, and promote a book / movement so well it goes viral.


2. Go Big or Go Small

3. Say YES to Everything.

4. Remember you are a Media Company BUT Don’t forget traditional media.

5. Cover and Poster

6. Hook, Help, Herd

7. Kindness Movement (hashtag scraper)

8. Testimonial and Thank People. 

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Jim Edwards: Hey everybody Jim Edwards here, and welcome to another edition of the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast.

I’m your host, along with my trusty co-host and Podcast Producer, Mr. Stew Smith.

Welcome Stew!

Stew Smith: Hello, Jim. How are you?

Jim Edwards: I am fantabulous!

And today we have a very special event!

We have hit episode number 100!

We are in triple digits, Stew! Way to go buddy!

So well done on that one.

100 episodes.

How many people have said over 100 times they should start a podcast but don’t even do episode one?

Countless people!

Stew Smith: Probably a lot. Yes.

Jim Edwards: And it’s countless because I don’t know how to count them.

But I’m sure there are a few.

So, what are we talking about today, Stew what’s on tap?

Stew Smith: Well, we’re doing part two of the Jim and Stew show pretty much.

We have a kindness movement that we are helping Karen start to promote.

She has a new book coming out in February.

And it’s coinciding with…

Jim Edwards: congrats on your book coming out, by the way.

Stew Smith: Yeah, I think it’s coming out in January.

But what she’s trying to do is create a kindness challenge to go with the random acts of kindness week in February.

So, make a movement around her book.

So, what I was thinking is we would just go down this list of things that I made after seeing this question I was like, what you need some secrets to make your book go viral.

Jim Edwards: Oooh, wouldn’t like to have their book go viral?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Let me your question, though.

Do you really think with all this COVID crap that’s taking place, viral videos and causing something to go viral?

Do you think that might trigger some people, Stew?!

Should we perhaps come up with some new nomenclature when it comes to these things?

Or do you think viral will still be an acceptable descriptor?

Stew Smith: And yes, that’s a good point.

That’s a good question.

Yeah, I think we should shut down viral.

Call it something else.

2020 has been a mess!

Jim Edwards: What’s another word for viral?

It’s kind of like what’s another name for a thesaurus.

Stew Smith: Book of words.

Jim Edwards: Spreadable?

Stew Smith: Constant contact is to make your book go sell like crazy.

Jim Edwards: We’ll just go viral.

Stew Smith: Yeah.


Jim Edwards: Well, we’ll stick with viral

Stew Smith: Get popular!

How about that?

Jim Edwards: Viral? Sticking with viral.

Alright so.

Stew Smith: You have this list with me, right?

I do not because I couldn’t find the email you sent me.

Stew Smith: All right, well, I’ll just go through the whole thing.

And we’ll have some banter after each one of these secrets.

What do you say?

Jim Edwards Sounds good.

Stew Smith: Alright, so number one in the secrets to making your book go blank is find your people you have to find some people.

It’s, so builds a community with groups on social media.

And find people that you would think would be a part of your community could be start off with just family and friends at first, but then their friends and their families start to gravitate towards your message.

And about a month before the book releases, invite readers in the community to the kindness challenge that you’re putting on.

Jim Edwards: And are we still on number one, or are you reading the whole damn thing?

Stew Smith: No, still number one. I’m certain that they will help you spread the word because they’ve already believed in your message.

And which goes right along with your book.

So, finding your people to create this movement for you, I think, is number one.

You got to do it.

You have any particular wizards that can help with that kind of content?

Jim Edwards: Well, Stew, interestingly enough, what I heard you say is that before you do any of this, you need to define who your perfect avatar is who would be interested in participating in this kindness movement.

Stew Smith: Absolutely.

Jim Edwards: So, the number one thing I would say is that you should go use the avatar wizard and define exactly who that person is.

Because then you can actually use that to create content and tell the story of the type of person who should be participating in the kindness movement and say, Does this sound like you?

The other one that I would say people should mess with would be the hidden persuasion wizard.

Because I think that could be in that could be really effectively done as well.

So those would be the two.

Do I need to show them or just talk about them?

Okay, but I think those would be the two.

Those would be the two, I would say the avatar, especially the avatar wizard, though.

Stew Smith: Yeah, that one’s a classic. I’ve used that avatar wizard one to get my mind right, but also to create some neat content around the guy that I’ve was being my avatar.

Are you this guy, and it’s got a lot of clicks like yeah, I’m that guy.

Jim Edwards: Exactly.

Stew Smith: I need to read this.

Alright, so number two is, do you go big or do you go small?

Right, that means yes, it’s very important to find groups with large numbers of people on them.

However, don’t dismiss the ordinary person who will love to be a part of your program and carry on your message to their own communities.

So, don’t doubt the power of small.

Jim Edwards: So, I think the biggest thing that speaks to me as far as, especially for Karen’s book launch, is that a lot of times, people and I’m guilty of this too all right.

When you’re promoting your book, and you’re trying to create a movement, you never know where the connections are going to come from.

So, you think that okay, I only need to go after the big fish to do an interview or to do live or to do a special guest blog post or something like that.

But you never know where the big connection is going to come from you.

You might think, Oh, this person with this huge following.

If only it’s the big hitter thing if this one person would endorse my book, we’re all going to get rich, and then they ignore you, or they do, and nothing happens.

And then the one little person with hardly any following or you think they’re a little tiny fish, they have the one person that creates the connection that really does change everything.

So, when you were doing something like this, and you’re trying to make your book go viral, you’re trying to make your movement go viral.

You need to go all in.

And that means do the interview with the little that sounds terrible.

Do the interview with the little fish and the big fish and the medium fish and any fish.

But do it in such a way that it doesn’t drive you nuts. Don’t do hour-long interviews.

Have a 15-minute interview that you can do have a 30-minute interview have something where it’s the crazy value that you’re willing to share and drop everywhere because you don’t know where the big stuff in the big stuff or the little stuff going to come from.

Stew Smith: I agree. I mean, some of my best promotions have been through customers who share their experiences where they took a picture of the book and said, this is what I did today.

Yeah, that’s great.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, absolutely.

Stew Smith: All right. So, number three, Jim.

Say yes to everything just like Jim was saying.

Jim Edwards: This Smurfs juice says yes to everything. Okay, what?

Stew Smith: Yeah, say yes to every sailor.

You ask people to be on their podcast, write a review, send an eBook version, and test it ask for a testimonial.

But you have to also say yes to every Q&A, every podcast, every offer for a reprint or guest post no matter what the size of the popular makes some guests also be on your blog and have short videos with them, and you can use many of the Jim Edwards method wizards I personally like the single juicy tip wizard for getting some ideas for how you’re going to be a part of this yes to everything movement and Jim was no previous one kind of went into this one with you just say yes to a big, medium-small size and have a segment in your mind or at least a script ready for the 15-minute interview and the 30-minute interview and go like that.

So, you’re not overwhelming yourself.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, I think what this tells me is to go all in smart.

Use tools to help you to do things quickly and efficiently.

Rather than reinventing the wheel over and over and over, that’s the thing just because you’re saying yes to everybody doesn’t mean it has to be a unique Yes.

You need to have your stuff done so that you can make it work.

But there’s nothing to say that you can’t be answering the same questions when you’re talking to different people.

There’s nothing to say that you can have the same theme when you’re doing a guest blog post.

There’s nothing that says you can’t do that.

So, don’t think when you say when you’re saying yes, you’re saying yes smart, you’re repurposing.

You’re reusing.

And you’re just doing it in a way that doesn’t create stress but gives you the opportunity to maintain your energy level and be able to share effectively.

That’s important because some people might think, man, if 20 people asked me for a guest blog post, that means I got to write 20 unique posts.

No, it doesn’t!

So, you’ve seen or modified one over and over modify the same one to 20 different audiences?

Stew Smith: There you go.

A lot of time.


Okay, number four.

This is why Jim and I created the media marketing Academy was, you have to remember that you are a media company that sells a book, right?

Don’t forget traditional media.

It’s not all social media and podcasts. Radio newspapers are also very useful tools.

So, make sure you develop a press release for local newspapers radio shows to check out the following Jim’s press release wizard.

And what I do in one sentence, wizard, is really help you get your foot in the door.

Jim Edwards: Absolutely.

Because when you are trying to get especially traditional media to cover you, it’s all about the hook.

And it’s all about the news.

Most people screw up forgetting traditional media, regular newspapers, TV local or national or regional because they make it all about themselves instead of making it all about the customer, which is the viewer of that particular media.

And so you will stand out massively compared to everybody else who’s trying to get publicity if you just by doing it right because most people do it wrong.

And the way you do it right is to make it about the end consumer of the information, which is the reader viewer of that media.

Yeah, and I would try to set yourself a goal of contacting so many newspapers and radio shows a day then. That be a whole lot, just a couple but have an ultimate goal of being that last segment on the nightly news.

 Where they do that five-minute segment of here’s something happy today because the last 25 minutes have just sucked.

Jim Edwards: Right.

And Karen can tie it in with the upcoming event of its random acts of kindness week.


And when this happens, this is in February, right?


Okay, so after all again, we never talk about politics, and we never talk about religion, okay.

But she can tie in with the new optimism of a new administration and other stuff.

And I mean you want to tie it to current events and what’s going on, you could tie it in with Valentine’s Day if you tie it in with something that’s going on right now.

And that’s a technique called newsjacking where you are hijacking a story in the news and trying something else to it.

And that can work really, really well if you come up with a cool angle.

So, tying the random acts kindness week to something else that’s going on and creating a kindness movement.

You’d be surprised who’d be willing to pay attention to that and write a story about you or basically take your press release, which is a pre-done story and publish it with very few changes.

Stew Smith: Yeah, perfect.

Number five, probably the best piece of advice Jim has ever given me was to get a professional cover, and a movie poster did.

And you go to Fiverr to do that.!

Jim Edwards: That’s right.

And that just gives you a really professional image for everything that you’re doing.

Stew Smith: Yep.

Jim Edwards: Which is critical.

Stew Smith: And it’s pennies on the dollar, to I mean you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for these things.

It’s you might break a 20.

Yeah, to get one of these things, and that’s pretty impressive.

Jim Edwards: Plus you

feel really cool seeing your mug up on a movie poster.

Stew Smith: Yeah, it’s fun

Jim Edwards: which is cool.

Stew Smith: So, another piece of Jim’s advice, as well as some crowdsourcing from last week, we came up with the term hook help and heard.

So, what is the news hook that really grabs our attention?

Jim actually said it earlier.

And that was how What would you say?

How sharing is the most selfish thing that you can do?

How can random acts of kindness be the most selfish thing you can do?

There you go.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

So, what’s the news hook that really gets attention?

I think that’s one of them.

So, you hook them with the headline and a cool photo.

And then you help them with some helpful tips on how you can be randomly kind.

Or perhaps a listicle. There you go.

I love Silas love saying that I love just I love titillating.


 And then you heard them towards the kindness movement.

Jim Edwards: That’s right.

Stew Smith: Facebook may need your moderate, and they buy your book.

So, hook, help, and heard

That’s a classic one.

Jim Edwards: I like the classic now we’re going to get that we’re going to get a T-shirt made with like a fishing rod and a cow.


Stew Smith: I like it.

A kindness movement hashtag scraper.


You need everything that you post on social media needs to have the same hashtag

hashtag kindness playbook

hashtag kindness movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it.

And Jim’s hashtag scraper wizards a really good one. But you can also get some title description hashtag wizard on the Jim Edwards movement or method.

Jim Edwards: Jim Edwards movement, yeah, we’re going to have a movement.

The thing is, whenever something like that is happening, there’s going to be stuff where people have an increased awareness of what’s going on with that. And you should definitely be aware of that. And what I mean by that is that during that week, there’s going to be other people pushing it.

And there are going to be hashtags and whatnot.

And you’ve got to be conscious of those hashtags of what’s the kind of keeping your posts on the market just so you can get more people to pay attention to what you’re doing.

So it’s like a missed opportunity if you don’t, is what I’m trying to say.

Stew Smith: Yep, so good.

Okay, number eight.

The last one is a testimonial and thank people, thank those who are helping give them a shout out and post on their social media pages.

Post their social media pages on how much you appreciate them…

With sharing your book cover by sharing your kindness movement or maybe even having the most emotional kindness movement of the group.

Offer to help them in return you may never know you never know how they may also be starting up a blog or starting up a website and you can help them promote something in their business as well.

Say thanks by being helpful.

It’s a kindness movement. You should definitely be saying thank you when people help you.

Jim Edwards: And there’s also a saying “Dance with the one who brought you.”

And that’s important because if you ask somebody for help, you need to recognize them.

And I know some people like especially in this whole thing in a random world acts of kindness and kindness is its own reward…


People love to be thanked.

And you should thank people who love to be recognized.

And you should recognize people you need to do what Steve just said you need to thank the people who helped you because you are probably going to want to help you again.

And you should help them. What goes around, comes around.

And the way that you’re going to get people to promote you is by promoting other people.

And not every not everybody reciprocates.

But I’m a big believer in karma that what you put out in the universe will come back, maybe not from the source that you expect, but it will come back, and it has to come back.

So that’s a great one.

When you do one of these things, and you ask people for help, make sure you say thanks for making sure you do that.

Can I share something real quick because, yeah I just while we were doing this, I fired up the hashtag scraper?

And I just put in kindness and look on Instagram.

Kindness has got 9 million tags out there.

Telling this matter.

Treat people with kindness, spread kindness, random acts of kindness.

Choose kindness.

So there’s a whole bunch of really popular ones, and there are a whole bunch of smaller ones that I think you’d really be able to…

Look at this kindness movement…

Opening up Instagram over on this one, but I think I think you’d be able to get some traction out of this one.

So, don’t discount this because social is very important when you’re talking about timed events like this kindness random acts of kindness week.

There’s going to be all kinds of stuff going on.

Jorge just said recognition creates connection and loyalty.

That’s great.

That’s a great way of looking at it.


So, I think that this was an excellent 100th episode.

What would you tell everybody to take away from this episode?

Stew Smith: Do what I would say?

Jim Edwards: What?

Stew Smith: I would say read this.

Can you read that?

Jim Edwards: No.

Stew Smith: Come on.

You can’t read that.

Jim Edwards: No man is growing pains.

It’s because you because it’s focusing on your mug instead of the phone.

Stew Smith: Growing Pains growth does not occur in the comfort zone.

Jim Edwards: That is true.

Stew Smith: No, that was something I posted today.

I was real pleased with that one.

I made that up myself.

So, what does that have to do with kindness?


Jim Edwards: But you don’t get to. I think I know what you mean.

You don’t get to 100 episodes without going through the first 99, and you don’t get the first 99 without doing the first one, and most people quit before they even do the first one.

Then they do one or two, and they quit, and I know that because I did that a couple times.

It just a thing you get busy with.

You don’t have time and time to plan it.

All these I don’t pop up until you make the commitment to make it happen.

And then you say it’s like you said the first 20 workouts are the hardest what you mainly said what you basically are saying is the first month of working out is the hardest the first 30 days, five days a week, for four weeks, that’s 20 workouts, and until then it becomes after that it starts becoming a real habit after you’ve been doing it and committed to it.

So that’s what we did.


Stew Smith: Yeah.

100 Congratulations, sir.

Jim Edwards: You too I wouldn’t have without you.

So, you’re the one that gets all the congratulations. I just show up and run my mouth, which I’m very good at. My sister’s here again this time, I think, and she would confirm that’s something I’ve been very good at since an early age, just showing up and running my mouth.

So, we would not have done this if it wasn’t for you, the organization the coming up with the ideas the reminding me to talk about wizards instead of just random stuff.

I mean all the good stuff that you do, so I really appreciate you; the man would never have happened without you and your pickle juice.

Stew Smith: Well thank you

Jim Edwards: that’s good stuff.

Well, there you go.

We’ll start

Stew Smith: so my next random act of kindness will be going to the chick fil drive-thru and making sure it’s not a van of 10 behind me

Jim Edwards: that is so wrong.

You’re putting you that’s so that’s what I would do.

But so wrong.

It’s like, hey a.

Stew Smith: The guy in the car.

Okay, maybe just getting a single meal.

Jim Edwards: Man, I always say here’s how you slide it in so that even yourself doesn’t know this is what you’re doing.

You’re talking to the lady at the window.

Yeah, I always get the same thing over and over. I just had a curiosity about what the guy behind me get; she tells me what sounds good.

I’m going to get that next time, in fact, how much is that?

And I was like, No, I’m going to pay for that dude’s thing. I just feel like a sport today.

Is that does what makes it better?

Or is that still just a totally cheap and just cheesy thing to do?

Stew Smith: Well, there is a budget for your kindness at some point.

Jim Edwards: Okay, now here’s another way you can do it.

This would be even better.

Hey, I always get the same thing over and over just out of curiosity what the guy with the guy behind me gets he tells you, so oh man, that’s not good.

That’s not good for him.

Tell you what here’s what he’s having instead.

Get him a walker and with him lookups and just a plain biscuit, no butter nothing In here I even pay for you in the guy favor man helping him avoid seven 800 calories.

I’m going to tell you what, though.

They’re fruit cups.

They’re as expensive as hell.

Yeah, I’ve rarely

Stew Smith: I’ve ever gone to a fast-food place and spend 20 bucks as easily as I do at chick-fil-a.

Jim Edwards: But that’s it.

But at chick fil a.

It’s like, Here’s the deep-fried hunk oh heaven on a button with slathered with butter and pickles and stuff.

And it’s this much as opposed to Oh, you want the healthy option?

Do you realize where you are?

Do you remember where you are?


We know we have people like you, and it’s a real pain our butt for our supply chain.

So yeah, we have a fresh fruit option.

It’s eight bucks.


Think about this.

Stew Smith: Yeah, no waffle fries for you got to get the fruit.

Jim Edwards: Yeah you want the fruit cup?

Eight bucks’ chuckles, and No, it won’t even let us allow you to have the lemonade that’s loaded with five pounds of sugar in a 16-ounce cup with that fruit cup.

So, no diet drinks or water with the fruit cup by default.

That’s it.

That’s all you get.

Stew Smith: Unsweet tea. I usually go with unsweet tea.

Jim Edwards: Oh

that’s good, and it’s my pleasure.

Stew Smith: And my pleasure.

I got to think of some better random acts of kindness.

Because Jim has found a lot of holes in this one thing, then maybe paying for the guy if the stuff is how about just saying hello.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do.

When in the last minute and a half that we have.

I want everybody in the comments to put in what one random act of kindness that you could take?

That would be something that whether the other person appreciated it or not whether it would be reciprocated or not?

What is something you could do?

We’re going to help Karen by crowdsourcing some stuff here real quick for her. Plus, it might be good for my attitude to see some of these things.

Because I can’t think of anything, I just keep talking.

What would be something random kind of random act of kindness that you could do?

Stew Smith: I did that at the grocery store once?

Jim Edwards: Would you do it for the person in front of me?

Stew Smith: They were fumbling with their cards, and the cards weren’t working.

And I was like, I got it.

Just put it on mine.

Are you good?

Jim Edwards: Was it a whole long thing?

Or was it wasn’t a whole lot?

Stew Smith: mean it might have been 20 30 bucks.

But it was nice enough.

Jim Edwards: That was nice of you.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Cheers to that man.

She had two kids running around, and she couldn’t she just have a hard time.

I was like, put it on mine.

See you later.

Jim Edwards: What I’m going to do.

Somebody just said rake a random neighbor’s leaves.

I’m going to go down and blow off.

I’m going to tell you what to do.

I can’t do it today because it’s raining.

But this week, I got one of those really cool blower things on three wheels.

That’s like 200 miles an hour with all these cool warnings about don’t get your hands and feet in front of this because it’ll blow them off.

I’m going to blow off three of my neighbor’s driveways of leaves and blow out the ditch on I’m going to blow out the ditch on the whole private road.

That’s like it’s going to be a mile and a half of pushing that thing.

And I’m going to do that for everybody.

I’m going to blow out everybody’s ditches except the one neighbor I don’t like to see, and I just blew it right there because they don’t like that one neighbor.

And so I said I wasn’t going to do his but what?

I’m going to do my first I’m going to do his first.

So there you go.

Stew Smith: It’s going to supposed to snow here today.

So I’ll get my neighbor’s.

She’s eight years old.

I’ll go get her.

Get her driveway done.

Make my son do it with me.

Jim Edwards: I’m just going to say you’re going to say I’m going to make my kid do it.

Yes, you’re going to do it with me.

We’re both going to be kind.


I thought you’re going to say I’m going to send my son out to do that.

And what?

To make sure my random act of kindness works.

I’m going to ask…

Parker and I are going to watch out the window to make sure he does a good job.

Stew Smith: So, there are many ways to do it.

Open the door for someone who doesn’t expect you to open the door for them.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

Stew Smith: There are many ways to be kind doesn’t have to be monetary.

Jim Edwards: And I yeah, in fact sometimes money.

You’re just throwing money at it to make yourself feel better.

The most valuable thing that you can do for somebody actually is time and attention.

Stew Smith: Absolutely.

Jim Edwards: Especially now with everything that’s going on.

Really listening to someone.

Really paying attention to them even for a few minutes can make a huge difference in their lives.

Stew Smith: That is true.

Jim Edwards: Awesome!



Okay, well, we will be back next time with Episode 101, which will be just as impressive and amazing as this one!

So, thank you, everybody, for joining us with some great ideas for random acts of kindness, and even though the live shows over, please everybody keep adding to the list and maybe tag a friend and asks them to add to the list.

Let’s see how far we can make this go. Everybody.

Have a wonderful day, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Bye, everybody!

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