Bump Offers, One Time Offers And When to Use Them – SCCMH [Podcast 90]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith answer the question: Has anyone ever tried putting a “bump” offer on a free lead magnet page? First he explains thoroughly the differences between Order Bumps, Bump Offers, and One Time Offers (OTO) with some great analogies that helps even the beginner entrepreneur understand the importance of these “upsells”. 

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply October 21, 2020

    OHHHH this increases the average ACV value of your customer

    Tell stews son that he should become a copywriter just like JIM

    Also, I’m really sorry to hear that you left that much money on the table, look on the bright side at least you saw this

    Also, I love the OTO offer I have on in my book skills. scale. sustainability at the end of the book I have a QR code that people can sign up for and this adds an extra $300 to my account

    This is when traffic secrets was such a huge help because I took if from RUSSELL also I made people join my social media

    Anyway, thank you for your amazing help have a great day form your friend ADVENTAGO 🙂

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