Capstones and The Next Journey – SCCMH [Podcast 182]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the types of Capstones we should set for ourselves and our business and how to create them.

I define Capstone as a goal that continuously resets itself for a higher standard or in a complete new direction depending on the situation.

For instance a personal Capstone with your health and wellness can be quickly defined as “fitness is a journey not a destination.” Timed run goals… Pull up goals… Benchpress goals… Forever change as we reach each of these Capstones.

Business capstones are similar and can change with the market / avatar’s wants / growth of business. Sometimes things are epiphanies that just happen. Often they are hard-working and consistency.

Interesting stories that we have. For instance creating a side gig, selling the first ebook, an e-book a day… Making $100 a day while sleeping… Now the growth journey begins… Because you have figured this out you can now upscale and see your growth that changes your side gig into your legacy and empire.

It is always about the journey – not the destination. Let’s Do This:
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