Case Study vs Testimonials – What is the Difference? How to Use Them? – SCCMH Podcast 20 [podcast]

“Case Study vs Testimonials – What is the Difference? How to Use Them?”


Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the differences and all the ways to use both case studies and testimonials.

BONUS – Jim walks us all through the Case Study and Testimonial Funnel Script Wizard to build an interview for satisfied customers and build a killer segment for your testimonial page.

You can find out more about Funnel Scripts here:

Case Study – Can be an educational piece that describes a journey use your products / services. Learn from mistakes or successes how people have learned to use your products and services. Tell the story!

Testimonial – Stand on the winner’s podium with a satisfied customer and share the results with future customers using testimonial quotes or answers to a series of questions.

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