Content Creation by Answering Questions- SCCMH Podcast 14 [podcast]

“Content Creation by Answering Questions”


You owe it to yourself to answer frequently asked questions with an article or video to better explain or answer common issues people are having. This will be an easy answer for future similar questions, but will be a great one on one commercial for you and your products / services. Whether you get them from emails, social media, crowd sourcing, or find common question online (type topic and FAQ into google), you can have plenty of content ideas to create useful articles / sales copy.
Popular questions: How to Questions – How do I do….?

What should I do questions.
Here’s WHY answers are the best. When you get a WHY question, answer it thoroughly as those can be feature article length posts and cause you to re-think a way you do things.
Find proof that your products / services work or proof in your answers using scientific studies, government studies, or testimonials as well.

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