Content Creation / Sales Copy – Keeping Momentum – SCCMH Podcast 15 [podcast]

“Content Creation / Sales Copy – Keeping Momentum”


Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss keeping the momentum when life gets in the way of business updates. Here is a top ten list we created and NOW asking the listeners to come up with the 6-10 methods for ways to keep the momentum either with content creation or sales copy updates. Here is the beginning of the list:

1 – Make a quick FB, Youtube, or Instagram LIVE video (answer a question from a customer)

2 – Write an article /blog on the same question above. (Get video transcribed and you are almost done)

3 – Run advertisement on social media / boost a previously popular post.

4 – Change title or sales copy of a product on your store (Use Wizard from Premium)

5 – Make a Meme – motivational, inspirational, Q/A, or just funny.

The goal here is to not lose momentum with the daily habits of taking care of your business, even when you only have minutes versus hours like normal.

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