Do You Feel Out Of Balance? You Need This!

Earlier this week I mentioned how important it is to focus on the right thing in order to make more sales and serve more people. For me, balance and focus go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other, at least not in my experience.

If you’re off balance, you can’t focus on the right things. 

I got out of balance over the last few months for different reasons.

One of the main reasons I got out of balance was that I lost focus on what I should have been paying attention to.

I was still working on my business, but I focused on things that weren’t 100% targeted to my customers’ needs.

A Big Part Of Balance Is FOCUS

If you lose focus, you’ve got to get back in focus FAST.

It’s a daily struggle, and it’s TOUGH to stay focused.

It’s tough to stay on task.

It’s tough to keep doing what you know you should do.


Being able to stay focused when other people would lose focus will separate you from your competitors.

You have to be able to remain focused long enough to make something happen.

It’s similar to a tree falling down.

It can lay there for years with the sun shining on it.

And after 1,015 years, it will disintegrate.

But if you use a magnifying glass and focus the same sun rays on the log, it’s going to catch fire and burn.

That’s the difference between scattering your light and focusing your energy on a single point in your life.

Focus is the difference between winning the race and meandering around the track.


Balance is what keeps us focused! It’s your ally!

And if you want to get fantastic results, focus your energy on a key aspect of your life or business.

You’ll notice that staying focused long enough makes something happen.

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  • Okechukwu Livinus Onuoha

    Reply Reply October 20, 2022

    I already ve the Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards copy from you and I ve been digesting it thoroughly..
    But my greatest challenges is actually what you talked about today: FOCUS!
    Reason is that I actually ve some other books n articles am also reading n digesting combined with my regularly business I do …So my FOCUS isn’t laser targeted.
    So I really need to put into practice all waht you shared here to make a huge difference in my business n future….Thanks Boss!

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