Eye On The Goal – Be Ready To Adapt

While planning out a webinar, I put together a timeline of that things I’ve done since 1997 when I got started online.

It’s interesting to take a look at things from a “satellite” or long view sometimes.

I realized in getting that one slide together that we have reinvented ourselves and adapted to changes in the market at least 2 times.

We went from ebooks to multi-media to webinars to software development.

The adaptation was not hard-edged with a defined beginning and end, rather it took place over a period of years each time. It was a transition… an evolution…. a natural progression.

However, at the end what we were doing and how we were doing it changed dramatically.

Why could we navigate change when others floundered (and yes, we floundered too, but we didn’t sink)?

3 Reasons:

1. We kept our eye on the goal: serve the customer, help them solve their problems, and continue learning how to do that better

2. We weren’t afraid to experiment, try things, and make mistakes (and yes, look foolish on occasion).

3. We didn’t tie our egos to the thought “we’ve always done it this way”


I see a lot of people trying to recapture past glory by doing the things they used to do, only doing them harder, longer, faster. It won’t work.

You’ve got to adapt to the market… the technology… and the times.

It’s the only way to thrive.

Keep you eye on the goal and be ready to adapt!

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