Focus On Strength – Outsource Weakness

Many people spend a lifetime trying to overcome their weaknesses while ignoring or taking their strengths for granted.

In other words, they struggle with the things they suck at, and neglect their God-given talents…. and they end up miserable.

My mantra? Focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.

Do the things that you do best and get BETTER at those… become a master.

The things you suck at? Hire a master to do them FOR you.

Now, the one area this does NOT apply is in the area of fitness. If you suck at cardio, you need to get better… you can’t outsource that (consult your Dr. before starting any exercise program).

Think about your last success. Did you play to your strengths? I bet you did.

We all have greatness… start using the greatness YOU have to your best advantage!


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