Here’s What Genies Can Do That Your AI Robot Or Chat Bot Can’t Touch!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Are you wondering how AI can help you get there?

Look no further than our Genies!

Genies can do things dumb AI robots and chat bots simply can’t. 

Here’s a list of all the things Genies can do that ChatGPT and other AI robots cannot!

With Genies, you can:

Write a series of emails in one go – all based on your avatar.

Instantly adapt the style, voice, tone, and more of your output with just a click.

Output an entire custom PowerPoint presentation WITH slides.

Turn a single word into an entire article, coaching session, or PowerPoint presentation (with slides) with a single click of your mouse.

Write poetry specifically for your Avatar.

Write 4 different custom blog posts at the same time and download them in a word processing document (DOCX).

Write multiple Facebook ads Google ads… and more… with the click of your mouse, ALL based on your Avatar.

Create titles and taglines that automatically hit your avatar’s hot buttons.

Create meme text and picture suggestions specifically for your avatar.

Generate unlimited ideas for content based on your avatar… with a single click.

Create custom scripts for explainer videos, FB lives, Podcast interviews, and more.

Generate custom titles, descriptions, and scripts for viral YouTube Videos… even shorts!

Write custom stories, poetry, subject lines, headlines, and tweets for your avatar… create entire presentations (including PowerPoint slides)… with a click!

Create an entire follow-up email sequence… or email onboarding sequence… or promotional sequence… or an email teaser for your event, ebook, video, webinar, or anything else you want to promote… 

… All 100% completely customized to your avatar and product / service… with a single click!

Unlike a generic AI robot… or a chat bot… our Genies create customized results based on your ideal customers!

Why do they work so well and do such cool stuff at the click of a mouse? 

Because they’re the product of the mind of Jim Edwards.

With a unique combination of skills and experience, including International Best Selling Author, multimillion dollar copywriter, 10-year internationally syndicated newspaper columnist, 20+ years as a software developer, and 25+ years of experience in copywriting, content creation, and more… Jim is uniquely qualified to bring you the Genies.

No AI robot or chat bot can offer you this level of expertise. 

No company can offer you the training to go with the Genies. 

Forget about using AI to create more stuff you just have to edit… or waste all your time trying to get the chat bot to give you what you want – Genies do the work so you can go make money.

If you just want to get results in your business – don’t settle for anything less!

Take your business to the next level with genies.

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  • Cameron A Bailey Sr

    Reply Reply March 15, 2023

    I’m excited that I joined early when I did. The price that this is offered at for new subscribers is in my opinion too low, especially the monthly amount.

    I plan to use the genies to promote this s a affiliate and also in my upcoming summit launch for June 2023.

    Jim Edwards and his Team thank you and I’m grateful for your efforts and the great customer service provided.

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