How long does your book have to be to be a real book

How long does your book have to be to be a real book? Before I answer that question, take a look at these chickens. 

There’s a little chicken. 

There’s a big chicken. 

There’s a white chicken. 

There’s a black chicken and a brown chicken. 

That’s a weird chicken. 

What do all these chickens have in common? 

They’re all chickens! 

They might be different sizes. 

They might be different colors. 

They might be different breeds. 

They might lay different color and different size eggs.

But they’re all chickens. 

Now what does this have to do with books? Everything! 

Because here’s the thing, the size of your book doesn’t matter. What matters are two things.

#1 – Does your book accomplish the purpose you want to use it for in your business? 

#2 – Does it fulfill the promise you make to people in the sales copy and the title of the book?

Let me show you some real world examples of fairly short books that work very well for their intended purpose. 

Here’s my buddy’s Amanda’s book. She created this book to promote her coaching program for women who have endometriosis. Her book is not super thick, but that didn’t stop her from being a number one new release on Amazon. 

Here’s my buddy Stew’s book. Stew is an amazing author who sells tons and tons of books and coaching. His book’s not thick, but I dare you to tell a former Navy SEAL his book isn’t a real book. 

Here’s one by Chance, he teaches people how to market their restaurants. 

This one from Rich is super small, but he uses this as a tool to help him get buyer clients. 

My buddy Dexter uses his book to get speaking engagements. 

Here’s one Pete made about stock trader mistakes and another about stock timing mistakes. 

Dr. Suzanne’s book is about Dog Training mistakes. Suzanne told me the other day that she actually had her book translated into Spanish. She also told me that a company is going to bring her over to Spain to speak when the pandemic is over. 

So here’s the point. 

Just like chickens are different sizes, widths, heights, length, and colors… your book does not have to be 300 or 400 pages long to be considered a real book. 

What makes your book a real book is the fact that:

  1. It has a professional level cover.

  2. It has content that was created by you.

  3. It’s published on Amazon. 

That’s what makes a book a real book… NOT the fact that it’s hundreds and hundreds of pages long. 

So if this inspires you to think, “Wow, I don’t have to write a 500-page book to have a real book. Maybe I should write a book!”… then head over to and I’ll show you how to get a real book done in less than a week! 

In fact, I’ll show you nine different ways to create your own, real, unique, original book and get it published on Amazon. 

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