How To Build “Unstoppable Teams” – Book Review

Could a single book really make you a better leader AND help you make more money in your business?


This new book, “Unstoppable Teams,” holds the secret to applying proven leadership principles to your everyday life and business so you can build an effective team, no matter what business you’re in… even if you operate a virtual online business.

The author of “Unstoppable Teams,” Alden Mills, is a former Navy SEAL platoon leader and a graduate of the US Naval Academy. Alden built up Perfect Fitness into an international company doing 100’s of millions in sales per year. He is also the inventor of the “Perfect Pushup”.

You want this book because it teaches leadership principles from someone who has led others in life-threatening situations, overcome adversity on the battlefield, and persevered to accomplish things many of us can only dream of in our own lives. This book contains real-world advice, not theory from some boardroom that will have you snoring in minutes.

In fact, you can immediately apply the lessons in this book to your life and business before you even finish reading it.

What makes this book truly stand out are,  in my opinion, the stories Alden weaves into the text. From the cold, wet beaches of BUDs training to the war-torn hills of Bosnia hunting international war criminals, he uses stories from his own life to help you visualize applying these leadership lessons in your life.

One incredible thing this book does that you might not realize is it gives you lessons you can apply to becoming viewed as a REAL expert online. What most people don’t realize is that to build a following online, you don’t just have to be a personality, you have to be a leader. If you want to create a movement, you have to LEAD that movement… and these leadership principles Alden teaches, though not expressly intended for this purpose, will help you build the skills to lead an online movement.

Now I will tell you that this book is NOT for  people who think they already have all the answers when it comes to leadership. It’s also not for people who think leaders should distance themselves from their followers and team members.

“Unstoppable Teams” is for anyone who wants to be a better leader by first being a better team member (no matter what your position on your team). If you want the world to see you as a GREAT leader online or offline, this book will teach you the principles you need to know

I love the stories Alden shares about overcoming adversity. I’m a sucker for stories about Navy SEALS, business challenges, overcoming physical challenges and more… plus the ultimate triumphs and lessons get me really fired up.

One thing that leaves me a little flat is that in a couple of spots the book gets a bit dry as far as explanations and background with some material that sounds like business school as opposed to the cool stories and lessons that make up the majority of the book

In my opinion that’s not a big deal because those parts are really short and I understand why the author had to include them because he must appeal to a general business audience, not just the online entrepreneur set like myself.

I have already used this book to become a better leader of both my immediate team as well as my online tribe. I’ve already seen that empowering my own people and giving them the authority to help make an impact on the business is having great results for all of us. I’ve also seen how treating all members of my tribe as part of the bigger team helps all of us move forward. Plus, we’ve already had members of the tribe become members of the inner team… which is pretty cool!

The great news is, this book is $15.99.

When you compare the cost of that to the cost of a college education or even a full weekend leadership seminar, it’s a drop in the bucket for the amazing, life-changing advice you’ll receive from someone who has forgotten more about leadership than many of us will ever know.

Jump on this book with both feet because it will have an IMMEDIATE impact on your life, both business and personal. Everyone can benefit from better leadership skills… and this book teaches you skills in a way you can actually apply.

To grab your book You can order / pre-order the book on Amazon right now.
BONUS: I’m doing a special webinar with the author, Alden Mills, about how to apply these leadership principles specifically with online remote teams for those of us who operate virtual businesses… it’ll be free, you just have to buy the book. Details to follow shortly.

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