How to Make Money From Facebook Stalkers

Let me tell you a quick story about how you can make money from Facebook stalkers. I want you to meet a couple of people. This is Bill. And this is Mary. Now, Bill and Mary are both coaches. Bill has been around for ten-plus years. He’s got certifications, books, and all kinds of stuff and places that he’s spoken at. Bill checks all the boxes as far as being an experienced coach.

Mary is new, competent, and well-trained. However, Mary doesn’t have the same level of achievement that Bill does. 

This is Bob. Now, Bob, the client, is looking for a coach. Bob is looking for whatever Bill and Mary are selling—and in this case, they are coaches. Bill and Mary could be speakers, authors, service providers, etc. 

Bob looks at Bill, and Bob looks at Mary, and from their sales copy, sales letters, and everything they’re doing, they appear pretty much the same. In fact, Bill and Mary are pretty much the same in Bob’s mind. 

So what does Bob do? Bob becomes the Facebook stalker. What does that mean? It means he goes over to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all that social media, checks out their blogs—all that good stuff. Now on Bill’s profile, he has a picture of his dog named Rufus—from six months ago. That’s pretty much all Bill has done. 

However, Mary is posting every day to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. She has a Facebook group that she interacts with, answers questions on her profile, and has daily engagement with the people in her target audience. Based on that information, who will Bob choose?

Bob chooses Mary. Why?

Because Mary is relevant, current, and she passes the Facebook stalker test. Did you catch that? Do you want to be like Bill and ride on your past laurels? Or do you want to be like Mary, who does the drill with content marketing every day and is crushing it?

Here’s the thing. Even if you are Bill, an established expert, guess what? You must do what Mary’s doing. To all the “Bills” out there: you can’t rest on your past laurels. You must pass the Facebook stalker test no matter where you are in your career and business. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to be like Mary, I hosted a special training that I want you to check out. I taught the three secrets of content marketing success and how you can have Bob The Facebook Stalker hire you! 

You must pass the Facebook stalker test to crush it in your business. And I can show you precisely the tools and the strategies to do just that. Check out the link, and check out the replay training here.

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