I definitely kicked the hornet’s nest with this one

Last week I kicked the hornet’s nest unintentionally and stirred up my subscriber base like I’ve not done in a while.

Here’s what happened…

We posted this quote card up on social media, my blog, and several other places.

Needless to say, people started freaking out a little bit. Why? Because it’s challenging a belief!

A large number of people believe that the only way to prove your value is to show how much you know by teaching people what to do all the time (how to stuff).

So many asked, in effect, “Jim, does that mean, the more I teach them what to do, the less they need me. And the less they will buy?”

Yep… that’s what it means.

“Does that mean everything you’ve been teaching us for last 20 years is a lie?”

I thought that was a little extreme, but NO, that’s not what it means.

The reason I think we really hit a nerve with this is because some people’s identity is wrapped up in being a teacher rather than a marketer.

Stated differently: they see their value only in what they’re able to teach in a step-by-step “how to” fashion.

However, the more that I investigate and experiment, the more I see there’s a whole world of extremely valuable content that has NOTHING to do with “how to.”

Here is an incident that made me think this even more…

Last week, we introduced a new belief reframe script inside of Content Marketing Scripts. We call it “The Belief Buster!”

It gives you the ability to help change people’s beliefs or ideas about something without them being offended by it, getting mad, or otherwise reacting negatively (like what normally happens when you challenge people’s beliefs even a little bit).

On our Thursday workshop we had about 50 people there live using the script in real time with us. When we rolled out the script, I noticed two things. One, we had more people on that workshop actually jump on and want to share their content than we’ve ever had. Two, everybody who shared during the feedback session was more emotionally involved and at a higher level of vibration in the way they delivered their content than we’ve ever seen.

The people were more animated. They were more eager to share. They made a much bigger impact than usual on the rest of the audience.

As a side note, I can tell you from my perspective that when we share those “belief buster” type articles people are much more engaged with that content than when I’m teaching them the nature of the universe in three easy steps.

Bottom line here is that there’s a whole world of content we can use to connect, influence, impact, and inspire people… to lift them up and get them excited!

Remember that teacher who just gave out extra homework all the time?

Every time you saw that teacher, they gave you homework. They never encouraged you. They never taught you something fun. They never let you have movie day; they never did anything fun.

Every time you saw that teacher, you knew, you’re gonna get homework!

I think that’s subconsciously the way people look at us if all we ever do is tell them “how to” stuff.

So I definitely kicked the hornet’s nest with this on a couple of levels.

One, challenging people’s beliefs.

Two, by actually even bringing it up in the first place.

But I can tell you the results we’re getting are pretty much off the chart. So I just wanted to share that with you.

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