“Ideal” VS “Real World”

When I planned out my new year, one of the things I did was plan out my “ideal” business weekday hour by hour.

I mapped out what I would do from the time I woke up until I knocked off from work. In the last 60 days, I’ve had 2 ideal days… the rest have fallen “off track” as early as 7:00 a.m. – while others have made it until lunch time.

The middle of last month I was actually getting very frustrated with my apparent inability to live my ideal day. It seemed the more I tried to stick with it, the more things popped up to derail me.

Then I started thinking about the times I felt the best with my day were those times when I worried less about the clock (what time it was or how much time I spent on something) and concentrated on the “spirit” of what I wanted to do.

In other words, I stopped watching the clock for those rigid times when I was “supposed” to be doing something, and started just getting into the flow.

Now, if something pops up (family, phone, urgent event), I handle it, and then just get right back into the flow of what I know I need to work on. Sometimes it’s a few minutes and other times it might not be until the next day.

The important thing is that instead of kicking myself over getting off track from a fairly rigid schedule, I focus on my current action goal and trust that it will get done.

Not sure if this is applicable for you, but it’s helped me to chill out a little bit and focus more on getting the outcomes I want with less stress.

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