If You Wanna Make More Sales… Make An Enemy!

If you want to sell a lot more of whatever you sell, here are 3 quick tips to help you do just that.💰💸🤑

Tip #1: People Hate To Be Pushed 📌👿

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then hear this: people don’t like to feel as though they’re being pushed in any direction. (Try forcing your favorite 2-year-old to do anything and you’ll see what I mean). 🤣

So, here’s what this really means: you can’t push people into doing anything, but you can PULL them toward you. 🧐💪

This is important because if you try to push people into anything, they’ll push back and never go where you want. 😤

At this point you should look at your marketing and sales copy and ask yourself a question – “Am I trying to PUSH people toward my product or service?” More than likely you are, at least partially. ❓

Tip #2: If You Want To Make More Sales, Make An Enemy 😠🤬👿

The big a-ha with this is you need to create a new enemy or shine a spotlight on an existing enemy, for the people you’re trying to sell. 💡🔦

What’s important about this tip is that when you create an enemy for them, they take their focus OFF of you (and that fact that you’re trying to sell them) and place their focus on the “real” enemy in this situation.

You need to know this because this is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the world’s top salespeople and copywriters, especially the ones with super high closing rates. 👀

So now you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. “Who is the real enemy in this situation?” And “How can I help my prospect recognize and defeat that enemy?” Answer those two questions and you’re on your way to more sales than you can imagine! 🤔

Tip #3: Help Your Prospect Defeat The Enemy By Pulling Them Over To Your Side 🎯

The important thing to understand with this tip is you want to be the lifeboat that picks the prospect up out of the water when their ship gets torpedoed by the enemy. Or, better yet, you’re the one who keeps them from getting torpedoed in the first place. 🚁

As an entrepreneur, this means you’re the one who shows them the true path and how to get what they want. 🤓

You need to understand this tip is key because when you pull the prospect over to your side, it becomes the two of you “against” the enemy. You become their friend. You become their trusted adviser. You become their team member. And, most importantly, you are NOT seen as trying to “sell them something” but rather as providing a real service and helping them. ⛑

My suggestion to you now is to explain to your prospects WHO the real enemy is and HOW you help them defeat that enemy. Show them how you keep them from getting into trouble in the first place. Demonstrate how you help them get the payoff they want.

If you want to waste a lot of time and equal amounts of money then ignore these tips at your own risk. But if you want to sell a lot more of whatever you sell and avoid having to become a cheezy salesman, then take this advice to heart. You’ll be glad you did. 👍

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