If You Want To Build Momentum In Anything – Warm Up First!

I want to talk to you about momentum. 💗

Momentum’s interesting because in all areas of our life, you probably don’t think too much about how momentum affects our ability to get results. But momentum, or lack of momentum, actually is the key determinant in your ability to get results. 💪💫

Let’s use the example of working out. 🏊🏋🚴🤸

Say you haven’t worked out in awhile. Well the last thing you’re gonna do if you want to start working out is go run five miles. Or go do 300 push-ups. 🏃

What you need to do is find a way to warm up. 🧘🚶

Now one way you can warm up is to do a pyramid where you just do one push-up. And then you might walk 25 meters and then do two push-ups. And then you might walk 25 meters and do three push-ups. That’s a way that you can warm up and kind of ease into the harder levels.

The cool thing is, that’s really a principle you can apply to all areas of your life. Here’s what I mean.✅

📕If you need to write a book, you’re probably not gonna sit down and write the book in one shot. But you can write a tweet. Then you can write a blog post. Then you can write a Facebook update. Then you can write an article. 📝

Then, all of a sudden, you’ve built up all this momentum and you can get stuff done. 🏁🎉

So, for example, this morning when I do my workout, I’m gonna warm up with a one through 10 burpee pyramid, yay! (That’s a total of 55 burpees with 250 meters of running.)

The interesting thing is that six years ago, I could barely do one burpee. Now just to warm up, I’m gonna do a total of 55 burpees. And that’s just the warm up! 💪🕺

So that’s the awesome thing about building momentum: as you build it, the stuff that used to be beyond your abilities can then quickly become your warm up.

You can do that with content creation. ✔

You can do that with article generation. ✔

You can do that with anything in your life or business. ✔🎷🖼🏢

Whatever the area or task, if you think about it in terms of warming up, and then building momentum, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

So my final thought here is simple: instead of trying to do the hardest thing first, do something simple to build momentum and then just pick up speed from there to find success in any area of your life.

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