If You Want To Make Sales, You’ve Got To Make Enemies

“Does that mean we’re going to piss people off and make money?”

Yes. That’s exactly what it means. 

And what do I mean by “make enemies to make sales?” 

Let me explain it this way…

You’ve probably heard the phrase,

“People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.”

Combine that with, 

“People hate to be pushed, but they can be pulled.”

And we’ve got a foundation to improve our sales.

Enemies Help You Sell

When you try to sell somebody something, it’s easy for them to feel like you’re pushing them into buying. It’s kinda like when I try and make my chickens go in their coop for the night, I try to push them into the coop. 

They don’t like it.

But, when I sprinkle mealworms inside the coop to get them to go inside… all of a sudden… I’m not pushing anybody inside.

They’re all running inside to get the mealworms they want and think I’m the best chicken daddy in the world (okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little). 

But you can get the same effect by using an enemy.

Making Enemies

An enemy is something that is pushing against your customer. It can be: 

  • a person;
  • a circumstance;
  • an event.

You use an enemy to pull your customer toward you. Instead of you against them, it becomes you and your customer versus the enemy. All you do is point out the enemy that is trying to: 

  • take their money;
  • steal their time;
  • make their life miserable;

And you tell them, “You know what? That enemy out there… He’s against us.” 

  • “Let me show you how I can protect you from the enemy.” 
  • “Let me show you how to get the result so-and-so doesn’t want you to have.”
  • “I’m going to help you protect yourself from that enemy.” 
  • “Here’s how we can defeat that enemy.” 

A Heavy Enemy

Weight loss is an excellent example. If I had a weight loss product, I could say something like, 

“Hey, you know what? You’ve tried to lose weight in the past. It hasn’t worked. 

It’s not your fault. 

It’s all of those food manufacturers / supplement manufacturers / self help gurus / gym owners / other companies out there that have a vested interest in keeping you heavy. 

So what I want to do is show you how they’re keeping you heavy and how together we can defeat them and help you lose that weight.”

Even if it’s just as simple as acknowledging a common enemy somewhere out there… 

A common enemy disarms them about you and instantly puts you on the same side as your ideal customer. It’s just like the switch from trying to push my chickens in the coop to leading them in there with mealworms.

It’s the exact same thing. 


With a common enemy, it’s not you “pushing” them towards your solution, it’s the enemy pushing them towards your solution. All you’re doing is throwing open the door and saying, 

“Come on in.” 

That’s all it is, but it’s an awesome way to do it and it’s an awesome technique that’s actually been around for a long time. (Ever heard the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”?)

That common enemy you’re both fighting changes the game.

It’s not you (the salesman) versus them (the ideal customer).

It’s the two of you versus the enemy.

This helps you quickly: 

  • establish rapport;
  • build trust;
  • pull them towards your solution (instead of pushing them towards your solution).

Bottom line: make an enemy and watch your sales soar… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

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