In the Moment

Be in the moment.

Wherever you are… whatever you’re doing… be in the moment.

If you’re with your spouse, kids, grandkids, etc…. be WITH them in the moment.

Don’t worry about all that other stuff!

And when you’re at your desk with “all that other stuff” just be in the moment.

Handle it one step at a time… make a list… get it done… in the moment.

When it’s time to plan strategy for upcoming projects… be in the moment.

When you’re sweating a workout or ready to puke on a run, OWN THAT… be in the moment.

Most of our worries come from thinking about things that have happened, might happen, or never will happen.

We use that energy to create problems in our minds, instead of being in the moment where we can solve or prevent problems.

Try it for a day… be in the moment.

It makes life a lot better.


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